What Are Automated Sliding Doors And What Can They Be Used For?


Automated sliding doors are one of humanity’s lesser-known success stories when it comes to making our lives easier. They are a very underappreciated piece of craftsmanship that helps us every day, and we hardly ever notice it.

Automated sliding doors are a great invention all around, but just what are they, how do they work, and what can they be used for?

First of All – What are Automated Sliding Doors?

Sliding doors are doors that slide on a runner from left to right instead of swinging open on hinges. Automated sliding doors work with a sensor or a remote to slide open and closed, a bit like how a garage door does. They take up very little space and are very convenient, and don’t jam easily!

How do Automated Sliding Doors Work?

Automated sliding doors are very simple as a concept. There are two main types of automated sliding door: a door operated by a sensor, which is one you are probably most aware of as it is used by supermarkets and large corporate buildings; and doors operated by using a remote control, which is already common around the home.

For a sensory automated door, when the sensor is switched on, the door will open if there is any movement detected in the sensor’s radius for an adjustable amount of time. If movement is still detected in the area when the timer runs out, it will reset the timer.

If the sensors do not pick up any movement after this time has run out, the door will close. However, if there is an obstacle in the way of the doors as they close, they will open again.

Remote controlled doors open and close on demand through a control, like gates on a driveway which is controlled by a FOB.

They can be internal or external. You can learn more about these doors from companies such as evoproducts.com, who can help you upgrade and convert your already existing sliding doors.

What Can Automated Sliding Doors Be Used For?

Automated sliding doors can be used for many purposes. They can be installed to aid those with a disability or just to make life a lot easier. Here are a few examples of how the doors do that:

  • It helps those with disabilities access areas and secures their safety. It also helps them if they cannot operate door handles or swinging hinged doors, such as some wheelchair users.
  • It helps pets get in and out of the house, meaning they can come in and out as they please without needing to keep the door open and let in all the bugs and insects.
  • It helps with those who carry a lot around the house.
  • It helps elderly people who struggle with pulling and pushing closed doors or who can’t operate door handles.

There are many ways automated sliding doors can be used, and they are a very helpful tool to aid us in making our lives easier, safer, and more accessible to all abilities.


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