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Personal injury is a huge daily responsibility for both employees and employers and the minute one of these drops their guard is usually when an incident occurs. Here, we list some ways both of these categories of people can safeguard themselves from being injured, or being claimed against. Fear not though, if you do need to claim or ask for advice about a situation that has occurred in your business then use a reputable company such as injury lawyers 4 U to do so.


For Employers


  • Ensure your employee’s contracts are properly drafted as well as up to date, detailing your responsibilities to them as well as your expectations and where to find relevant policies and procedures should they need them. Ensure these are kept up to date even with the tiniest amendments as if you neglect to update them a staff member may well see a loophole.
  • Make a staff handbook available containing policies, procedures and expectations as well as advice on what to do if they need to claim. If you don’t supply certain legal information you are more likely to have someone claim against you, as they will be able to prove the information they needed was not available to them.
  • Give current and regular training for general conduct, as well as training on specific items of equipment. You will also be required to have a first aid box and specified member of staff that takes take of health and safety.
  • Carry out regular risk assessments and record your findings so that if you have a spot check you can prove you have conducted them.  It might be a good idea to pay an external company to review these for you to ensure you’re not missing any major points. It also is looked upon favorably if you make changes on the back of issues that have been raised by staff or management.
  • If an issue does arise suggest mediation as an option rather than legal proceedings as this is less upsetting and costly for all involved and there is more likelihood of relationships remaining amicable.



For Employees


  • Adhere to all uniform, training and equipment provided, if you still injure yourself after using what was provided you are in a stronger position to make a claim and more likely to win.
  • Risk assess your workspace and make it safe for your own sake but also for your colleagues. When things need maintenance or attention make your supervisor or relevant staff member aware. Similarly to the first point if you’re using an item that is defective you are at fault and will not be eligible for any form of compensation, so cover yourself!
  • Familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations as well as where they can be found.
  • It may sound corny but trusting your instincts can often be the way to go and are usually right. If you feel like something isn’t safe or has the potential to hurt someone bring it to someone’s attention.
  • Knowing who’s who in your company or department is also a time (and potentially life) saver as you can go directly to that people if you are suffering with an injury, need advice, medicine or immediate treatment administering.


Hopefully this has shed some light on tips that can save time, negative energy and miscommunication. If the employees and employer are all aiming for the same goals and a safe environment to work in with consistent procedures in place, the workplace can be a haven rather than a space full of risk and worry


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