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We are very happy to hear from anyone who would like to write for us. We offer some guest posting opportunities to great writers who can contribute an article related to running or operating a business. How to guides and resources are welcome that provide advice useful to starting or running a small business.  Please contact our administrator for more details or to pitch any suggestions.

Guide Lines

  • Article Length. Articles must have a minimum of 600 words. Longer and well researched articles will be approved quicker.
  • Presentation. The article must be presented well, using pictures, bullet points, sub headings and references where applicable.
  • Quality. The article must be well written and informative. It needs to provide useful advice and guidance that will benefit our readers. Due to the amount of requests we receive, we will only accept articles that have been well researched and will add quality to our website.
  • Grammar & Spelling. This is essential and each article must contain proper grammar and spelling otherwise it will not be approved. Any articles that show signs of spinning will be declined immediately.
  • SEO and On Page Optimisation. Please ensure that the article has an approved title and uses suggested keyword phrases within the article body. We are looking at each article being promoted within the search engines and driving extra targeted traffic to our website and yours
  • Linking. We offer 1 link within the article. Please ensure all links are relevant and we do not accept any affiliate links. If your post is just prepared for the sake of getting links and offers no quality to our website, then it will be declined. Each article must also contain minimum 3 useful authority links that are relevant to your article
  • Unique Articles. Please ensure that the article is well 100% unique and each article will be checked for originality.

Unfortunately we are not able to respond to all requests

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