Why Your Business Isn’t Getting Likes on Facebook



Your Facebook page has been up for a few months now. You’ve added interesting links and eye-catching photos. Your About Us section is spot-on and encapsulates what your business is all about. You’ve done everything right when it comes to social media marketing, or at least you think you have. But no one is liking your page. Why not?

It’s not always easy to build a following on Facebook (yes, celebrities do it, but they’re celebrities, and half their followers are doing so as a goof). But in most cases, pages fall flat because the owner is making one or more mistakes that can leave your page out in the cold. Get out of the rut and check your Facebook page for these un-“like”-able features.

Irrelevant Content

No one wants an empty Facebook page; it either screams that you have nothing to say or that you don’t care enough about your page to post anything. But an even bigger mistake would be to fill your page with content that has nothing to do with either your business or your potential visitors’ interests.

It’s OK to post non-related content every now and then – a funny video, for example – but this content should never distract from the goal of your page. If you sacrifice quality for quantity, visitors will wonder why they’re coming to your page when they could find the same things elsewhere. Instead, start posting content that matters to followers.

Lack of Engagement

You probably didn’t consider it when you were looking at the social media pricing sheet from your marketing agency, but engagement is an important benchmark when measuring success on Facebook. Without high levels of engagement, your page won’t be very inviting even if you live under a standing seam roof.

Having said that, though, you have to make the first move to foster this engagement. Share or develop content that gets people talking. Create informal surveys, or ask open-ended questions. Make sure your posts are shareable, and open your page to everyone on Facebook. People flock to the places where they’re wanted, so assure visitors that you want their input.

No Promotion

You can be on social media and just happen to get found, but so can everyone else, and even then not by very many people. Creating a page on Facebook is only the beginning of your social media journey; enjoying a large and loyal following is the end result. To reach this end, promoting your page has to fall somewhere in the middle.

Luckily, there are several relatively easy ways to promote your page, including Facebook itself. The site offers several advertising packages that allow you to place your ad in front of the right demographics, groups and pages. Also, don’t forget to place a Like button on your own homepage, so current visitors can stay in touch no matter where they find you online.

Facebook is a fantastic vehicle for promoting your products, finding new prospects and staying engaged with existing customers. The only thing that can stop it from working is you. Want to market yourself on Facebook? Then keep your page free of the most common mistakes.

Michelle is an aspiring writer with a passion for blogging. She enjoys writing about a vast variety of topics and loves that blogging gives her the opportunity to publicly voice her thoughts and share advice with an unlimited audience.


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