What Are Working Platforms and Who Are They Used By?


If you have an interest in the construction industry, then you may have heard the term ‘working platform’ used before. There are several different types of working platforms and they all have a very similar purpose.

If you want to learn more about working platforms and the important role that they play on construction sites, then read on for all you need to know!

What Are Working Platforms?

A working platform is essentially a temporary platform that is created to allow for access when work is to be completed at height.

This might be in the form of scaffolding, a mobile platform, a gangway, a stairway, or a comparable structure.

In order for the platform to be considered suitable for working at height, it must be an adequate size for the equipment it will be required to support. The platform must also allow an appropriate amount of space for the workers who will be using it. These specifications will all be assessed during the initial risk analysis of a site before the work begins.

It is essential that a working platform is always free from hazards that might lead to accident and injury. It must be kept clean and tidy at all times, and workers must avoid leaving materials, tools and other equipment unattended on a platform.

Who Are Working Platforms Used By?

Anyone who works in the construction industry may be required to use a working platform at some point.

When a job has to be completed at height, then these platforms will provide a safe means to do so. This could be work that is being completed on the roof of a house, or it may be on a larger structure, such as an apartment building or office tower.

How to Get a Working Platform

If you are managing a construction project, then it is highly likely that you will need one or more working platforms. This will enable you to ensure the safety of your workers when they are completing their tasks at height.

The safety of your workers is obviously paramount, which means hiring an expert company to design and erect your working platforms is a must. Oxford Safety provides this service in addition to a number of additional professional safety solutions.

Talking to a reputable professional about your needs can help you to meet all of the relevant legal guidelines, as well as to keep your employees as safe as possible.

Safety Inspections

Before a working platform is deemed suitable for use, it should undergo an inspection by the relevant professional on site.

This inspection will enable everyone to feel safe when they are using the platform and will also ensure that all of the legal regulations are being followed. Failure to adhere to the law is not only illegal but can be incredibly dangerous too.

During an ongoing construction project, it will be expected that one or more people are specifically responsible for site safety. It is also the responsibility of every single worker to play their part in keeping the site safe so that everyone can avoid accidents and injuries.

The proper use of working platforms will go a long way to providing the right level of safety for everyone.


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