Ways for London Startups and Entrepreneurs to Make a Good Impression on Clients


If you are looking to base your new startup in London you have already made your first positive step. London undeniably has huge amount to offer businesses in pretty much every sector, and, when combined with a huge population of potential customers and clients, you have a lot to start working with.

That being said, startups in the country’s capital are ten a penny and yours needs to leave the best impression to set you above the rest. So to help point you in the right direction, what follows in this post are a few approaches for your startup to try.

Location, Location, Location

For those of you still looking for the perfect place to set up your business, choosing a location with a more prestigious London address can reflect very well on your company. Areas like Mayfair and Knightsbridge are renowned as some of the most respected in London and are very sought after; a high-status address will have a positive effect on potential customers and clients as your startup gains an impression of success and respectability. Property in these areas may be expensive to come by, but the initial investment is likely to pay you back in reputation and clientele. If a property purchase is simply not possible this early in your business career, consider housing your startup in a luxury serviced office instead – you can still convey your status as a top-end business in a high-class area at a fraction of the cost.

Picking the Right Venues

In a similar vein, when organising to meet with clients and new customers, choosing the right spot for informal lunches or business meetings is vital. This will be both occasion- and client-dependent – a quick half-hour in a sushi bar might be just the job for a brief catch-up with a trusted associate, but a private table in an exclusive club or Michelin-starred restaurant may be a better call when courting an important new prospect. London has a wealth of fantastic restaurants and bars which offer top service as well as great food, so if you pick carefully there is no danger of your clients leaving with a bad taste in their mouth – literally or metaphorically. Again, the classier the choice the better, and this will be largely district-dependent. Areas such as Belgravia and Mayfair are teeming with supremely luxurious eateries for every occasion – LEO’s graphical guide to Berkley Square is a great start for some ideas.

Personal Presentation

Along with the above, there is of course the matter of how you and your employees represent your business. Obvious features like being smartly dressed, punctual and well-informed are a given, but there are other aspects you should consider too if you want to beat your London rivals. The way you speak, and your posture, for instance, can say a lot about you – being nervous or slouchy may not have a direct effect on your startup, but will have a profound effect on how clients and connections view you, and, by association, your business. Speak clearly and confidently and avoid slouching or reclining; essentially, you should treat meeting people like you are interviewing for a job. This way you are likely to appear more professional and attentive, and ultimately your client is likely to respond much better and more positively.

So, be sure to take on board some of this advice and soon you could see your London-based business begin to flourish in one of the world’s most successful cities.


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