Ways to Improve your Email Marketing


Whether you work for a big corporation or you are a start up company, there are plenty of ways in which you can improve on your email marketing.

Email marketing has been an established channel for years, ever since the dawn of the Internet and more wide spread access to it. However, if you choose to look back over a decade or more of email marketing campaigns, you will see how they have changed and adapted to both technology and people. It is very rare that the business, product or services being offered dictates change when it comes to email marketing.

The main focus, with any type of marketing, should be people. We are all consumers and like to access information, buy products and services or converse with friends and family in different ways. Email marketing is a channel which can be used for all three of these elements. However, some people forget about the people part and use their email marketing as a way to bombard them with all sorts of information, as well as products and services.

There are a number of ways in which you can improve on your email marketing campaigns and processes. This guide will look at the different ways in which you can make your email campaigns better for both recipient and your own brand and business.

Add a tailored welcome email and personalisation to your email marketing

If you are already doing this then great, but if not then you need to look at ways in which you can ‘strike whilst the iron is hot’. If a visitor to your website has purchased a product, or signed up to your own newsletter distribution list, then you need to send them something that shows them just how appreciative you are of their purchase or interest in your website. A welcome email does this. The trick here is to ensure that it is personalised correctly and contains information that is relevant.

Personalisation can improve results, and that is just a fact. If you think it about it in reality, a non-personalised email is like shouting ‘Oi’ down the street, what sort of impression or responsive will you get from that. However, if you are approached in the street with ‘Hello [insert first name here]’, then you are more likely to respond in a positive manner.

Creating the right content for your email marketing

This is where you can really make a long term gain with your prospects and existing customers. Ensuring that you are emailing the right people with the right content is essential to success. It is all about understanding your customers and their needs. For example, this is can be applied to the seasons or different times of the year: Easter, Christmas, New Year and Valentines Day. On the approach to Christmas you could promote content that is applicable to wrapping gifts, choosing gifts and much more.

You can vastly improve your email marketing by creating an email that is right for the recipient, with relevant content and personalisation. It is not rocket science.


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