VPS or Shared Hosting for Your Online Startup Venture?


VPS and shared web hosting aren’t your only options when it comes to web hosting services. You also have a choice of reseller hosting, dedicated servers, colocation, cloud services, WordPress hosting and much more. However, in this article, we’re going to concentrate on answering one of the biggest questions in the world of web hosting: VPS or shared hosting for a new website?

What’s Your Budget?

The company you partner with for your web hosting needs will determine the price. However, as a rule of thumb, VPS solutions are more expensive. Therefore, if you’re looking to cut the costs down considerably in terms of hosting your website, you’ll benefit from a shared hosting package. But, if you want to manage your own software and have access to your own resources, it’s worth paying extra for a VPS package. Look at A Small Orange review if you’re looking for an affordable package for your website.

What Do You Need?

If you’re starting a personal blog, the simple answer to that question is to go for a small shared web hosting package. After all, you’ll likely be spending plenty of time away from the backend of your website and more time posting informative content, so exciting features probably won’t excite you too much. If, however, you have a good idea for a website and you’re not sure what resources you’ll need to cater for the sudden surge of more visitors, a VPS is much more flexible.

Are You Technically Sound?

Managing a shared hosting package is very easy, but a VPS solution is more for someone that’s tech-savvy. A VPS comes with a bit more responsibility, but shared hosting accounts needn’t be looked at too much. If you don’t have technical experience when it comes to the web, you may prefer a bigger shared hosting account if you need more resources in terms of disk space and monthly data transfer.

What Do You Want for Your Visitors?

If you’re looking to take your new online venture seriously, you’ll want to ensure your visitors have the best possible user experience. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the speeds you’ll get with shared hosting solutions, but you need to remember that you’re sharing resources with other shared hosting account holders on a server, and that means if they use resources and slow the server, your website is going to be slow, too. With VPS solutions, there is a cut off from other users, which means you get your own environment, much like the one a dedicated server would provide you with.

In conclusion, there’s really no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing either a VPS or shared hosting package for your new online venture. However, a shared hosting package is going to provide you with a much easier website management experience. So, before you part with your cash, consider asking yourself the above questions to see if you really need the power of a VPS or the simplicity of a shared hosting account.


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