The Ultimate Guide to Network Security


Network security is a must when running a small business. While it can take both time and effort, it will ensure important data is constantly protected. Read the following tips to improve your network security.

WPA2 Encryption

It has been reported that 93% of Data Protection Act breaches were caused by human error in 2014. The biggest mistake an employee can make is leaving a wireless network open, which will result in a network becoming more vulnerable to a cyber-attack.

A cyber-attacker can access an open network with little IT knowledge, gaining access to the company’s private information. If you are looking for a less-complicated option to a Media Access Control address, you could undertake a WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) encryption, which provides a network with a greater level of security, so you can prevent cyber criminals from walking through the door of a wireless network.

Updated Browser Security

Cyber criminals know exactly how to use an outdated browser to gain access to your information. The best thing you can do is to only use an updated browser. The likes of Google Chrome and Firefox automatically update, so make them the company standard. You should also avoid using the likes of Internet Explorer or Safari, which could make your network more vulnerable.

You should also visit the settings to enable Click-to-Play Plug-in as a company default, which will save a computer’s battery power and make it more difficult for a cybercriminal to manipulate the plugins.

Hide an SSID

Change the name of your service set identifier (SSID) to a more uncommon name; otherwise, you will tell the world what business owns that exact router in the location. This will prevent cyber-criminals from identifying who you are, so you are less likely to be attacked.

Offsite Back-up Copies

Many problems can arise to cause data loss. While the breakdown of computers is common, the loss of critical information could be caused by a fire, theft or, as we mentioned earlier, human error. That’s why it is so important to make offsite copies of your key business and customer information, so you can gain access to the files as soon as possible. Cloud storage can also be a superb offsite solution, which can automatically protect your data, because the information will live on a server than in a physical location.

It is important to protect company data by preventing mistakes from occurring and planning for the worst. In the event you do lose valuable information, you could always contact an expert in hard drive data recovery in Los Angeles or elsewhere to help retrieve your business data.

Data loss can affect many companies at any time, but you can take the necessary steps to ensure your business isn’t one of them. So, routinely back-up your files, hide your SSID name, embark with a WPA2 encryption, use an updated browser and contact an experienced data retrieval company should the worst happen. You will be thankful you did.


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