The Ultimate Guide To Motivation: How To Make Your Staff Work Harder


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Every business owner knows how important it is to motivate their staff, especially during busy periods when the long working day can start to make them feel a little tired. There are many ways of achieving this, but some work better than others, which is why I’ve taken the time to write this short article today. Through the use of all the suggestions made below, you should find that getting your staff to apply themselves and work hard becomes much less hassle. Sure, you might have to spend a few quid to make it happen, but that’s got to be better than employing more people for a job your current team members should be able to handle.

Some people need more attention than others, and so you should always look at motivational techniques as an individual thing. What works for the vast majority of your team might not work for the others, which is why it’s vital you pay close attention to their response and find a way of judging the effectiveness of your efforts. With that in mind, take a moment to read through the ideas below, and things should become crystal clear.

Hire inspirational speakers

There are many specialist training companies around these days that concentrate their efforts on new and innovative methods of motivating your staff. One such technique involves bringing inspirational speakers into your workplace with the intention of showing your staff members why it’s a good idea to work hard and apply themselves. Upping Your Elvis speakers are considered to be the industry leaders at the moment, so it would be sensible to check them and similar companies out immediately.

Offer incentives for working hard

You don’t have to break the bank to achieve this, but offering some kind of reward to the employee who shows the best performance, or the best improvement every month could help to increase motivation considerably. You could present them with vouchers for a family meal at a top restaurant, or maybe even something a bit more substantial. At the end of the day, how you compensate them for going above and beyond the call of duty is completely your own decision. Just make sure they know you value them, and the difference should be obvious.

Book team building days out

Paintball has always been a good activity for team building, and so perhaps this is something you might like to consider. Regardless of what you choose to do though, ensuring you take all your staff out and do something exciting at least once every three months will help them to feel like a proper part of your business, and that can only be a good thing. Again, you don’t have to spend thousands. The purpose of this exercise is to encourage them to build relationships with each other that span outside of the workplace.

Well guys, now you know a bit more about the kind of things you can do to make your staff work harder this year, there should be nothing stopping you from implementing those ideas and making a change straight away.


Good luck!


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