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Just imagine your local high street – although friendly on the exterior, it’s actually the home of a daily war zone between every business as they try to lure you, the customer, into their shop. And, just like a war zone, every shop, pub or local cafe has its own strategies and plans to help obtain customers.

The commander in chief of the operation – otherwise known as the humble owner of a shop, pub or cafe – has to be wise to these games, surveying other companies’ techniques and going one step further.

Indeed, the wise business owner knows that the key to luring customers isn’t necessarily what you’re selling, but the appealing look you present from the outside.

So, what can you do to make the exterior of your business look even more appealing?

Make your seating area a green paradise

If you’re the owner of a cafe or pub, you’ll know that the allure of an outside seating area can be irresistible to some. Being able to lounge in the sun with a pint or a cafe latte, the heat beaming down as you read a book or flick through the local paper – it’s simply bliss.

But, your seating area will hardly seem appealing unless you have the appropriate foliage to boost the appeal. If you give a commercial landscaping company a call, you’ll be able to consult with them and have a garden that’s almost guaranteed to bring in the punters.

Show your offers at the door

You can have as many great offers or deals as you like, but they’ll do you no good lurking in your shop.

Instead, be proud of your offers! Plaster them, albeit tastefully, over your windows and, if you can hire extra help, get someone to hand out flyers about your latest products and deals.

For a more understated look, a simple chalkboard with your offers neatly scrawled on it will provide a homey charm for your business, reeling in customers by way of your unintimidating air.

Get them to pay by offering something for free

The free sample is a shop’s best friend.

Just think about it – how many times have your eyes widened at the word “free”? If you’re anything like this writer, probably a heck of a lot. The next step in our evolution will probably be a little homing radar in our brain that will automatically gravitate towards the nearest freebie we can get our hands on.

If you put up a sign stating that free samples are inside or, better yet, present passers-by with a gratis goodie out on the street, the draw of your business will increase immeasurably.

Sell it softly

Politeness is the key to good service. Just think about all of the previous tips on this list – if tackled in the wrong way, you’ll seem like a pushy entrepreneur with more interest in cash than customers.

There’s a little term in business known as the “soft sell”, where the customer is lured by a friendlier, more polite sales pitch. It’s certainly a method you’ll find regularly on the high street. After all, who wants to enter a shop where a specific product will be rammed aggressively down your throat?

So, when you try out these tips, remember the soft sell every time.


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