Top Online PR Tips and Tricks for New Startups


The startup landscape is more competitive than ever as we enter the year 2018. More startups are being established each day and they are all competing for customers to survive. At the same time, the market is expanding at a steady pace and attracting more players to the mix. Startups that know how to market themselves properly will be the ones who stay ahead of the competition.

One of the best marketing instruments to use in this landscape is online PR. There are a lot of advantages that other digital marketing instruments cannot bring to the table. To fully take advantage of online PR, however, you need to know these top tips and tricks to use.

Build a Story

Similar to SEO and social media marketing, online PR is not a one-time thing. You can’t simply send out a press release and expect a lot of exposure in return. You also cannot send a press release and not do enough to monitor and respond to the feedbacks.

Online PR begins with building close relationships with media outlets and online publications. Once the relationships are established, you need to develop – and maintain – a story around your business. The narrative is what makes online PR so effective in today’s market.

One of the best examples of a good narrative delivered through online PR is the way Arlen Van Draanen, an alternative industry advisor, use online PR to boost exposure and connect with key stakeholders across the industry.

You only need to Google his name to see how each part of his journey in this industry connects with the other seamlessly. You too can develop stories that connect well with each other and really support the key values of your business, you as the business owner, and the products and services you offer.

Get Stakeholders Involved

Public relations is as much about experience as it is about providing the right information. One of the best ways for a startup to generate a lot of PR for its new service or product is by getting content writers and representatives of online publications involved in the story.

For example, you can invite journalists and bloggers to try your latest product before anyone else. You can benefit in several ways from this exercise. For starters, you get a lot of insight and feedback from the trial session and the people involved. You also get a lot of exposure once articles about the product can be released.

Utilize Your Content

Working with an online PR agency and building relationships with online publications and writers is great, but you must never forget about your own content and website. You can use sharable content as a way to generate more PR for the startup.

Write a compelling content based on research and make it so that other publications can read your report or article with ease. The unique way you approach marketing, for instance, is a great industry insight that many will write about when published on your site the right way.

All of these tips are simple, but they are great for jumpstarting your venture into the world of online PR. The digital marketing instrument brings a lot of advantages your startup cannot afford to miss out on in today’s competitive market.


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