Tips on Decorating Your Office Space


Decorating an office means walking a bit of a fine line in many cases. You want your HQ to be interesting and comfortable for employees to be in, as well as memorable for any visitors you might have in for meetings. But how do you achieve this balance? Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

Meeting Spaces

Every office needs an area in which meetings can take place. These are areas that can be decorative and professional at the same time. Many open-plan offices are opting for a comfy lounge area with a low table in the centre for holding meetings rather than a traditional board room. It’s a far nicer look and much more welcoming for visitors. Dropping into a specialty outlet like Super Amart ( will yield lots of ideas for how to outfit the newest part of your office.


Many offices end up going for something deliberately boring in terms of carpet. This is so that it’s easier to look after and doesn’t show up dirt being tracked in from outside as easily. If you want your office to stand out, the floor is a great place to start. Have you considered wood panelling? Wood conveys warmth and a homely feeling to the eye. A carpet of an eye-catching colour is preferable to a patterned variety, and both carpet and wood allow for the introduction of rugs. Rugs will bring a splash of colour to the room wherever you put them.

Personal Touches

Your desk is your desk and you should be able to make yourself feel at home. Personal flourishes often make some of the best decorations – little things like an action figure, a band poster, or some small souvenirs from a trip overseas can add a lot of character to the workplace and also tell you a lot about the people who work there. Photographs and art chosen by the team are also a great way to liven up any bare walls.

Minimise Distractions

The above said, you obviously can’t go overboard. Personal decorations is another area where you have to walk a fine line. Too few and the office becomes drab and uninspiring. Too many and it’s chaotic and will lead to trains of thought being derailed. The same goes for the broader office – having music on creates an awesome atmosphere but blasting it ruins the effect, while overly-garish paint schemes may draw the eye too much. Try to find a middle ground.


Many offices are lit either by natural light through large windows or by fluorescent lights in the ceiling. One of those two things is great and people really like it. The other can be glary and cause headaches when under it for long periods. Consider adjustable Wi-Fi lights above each desk or workstation. The light they provide is much easier on the eyes than fluorescent lights and they can be made brighter, dimmer or even different colours – depending on what the person wants – via a smartphone or tablet.

There are many clever ways to spruce up your office environment and many of them start with you and your staff. Ask around and find out what they would like to see in the office.


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