Thinking of Starting a Dermatology Clinic? Follow These Few Tips First


Start-ups are popping up in different fields of specialization, and medical practitioners are no exception. There is a great demand for dermatologists at the moment and it is definitely a good time to enter the market. But before you do, you have to understand what it takes to establish and maintain a dermatology practice. Here are a few tips on how to establish a successful dermatology clinic.

Do Some Market Research

Just like any other business, a dermatology clinic will only thrive if there is sufficient demand in the market. You need to gauge the demand for the specific services you’re intending on giving versus supply in your area. Check to see how many dermatologists are operating in your target market. If you discover that there is a gap in supply or there is a gap in a service which is not being supplied by other dermatologists, then perhaps you can design your service offering to address this gap.

Decide on The Services That You Will Offer

In any market, differentiation is the best way to gain a competitive edge over the competition. You need to design your service and product offerings in such a way that you will stand out from the crowd. Customers reward businesses that deliver value to them by being loyal repeat customers. Cognizant of this fact, make sure that your products and services add value to your customers.

Moreover, you can hook clients to your services by introducing services that are absent in other dermatology clinics in your market. Some of the additional services might include spa treatment, prescription of beauty products to fit various skin types, makeup consultation and skin analysis.

Design and Implement a Strategic Marketing Plan

Marketing is an essential part of any business’s success. You first need to define your target audience, then come up with a marketing plan that will be directed towards the identified segment. Find out where you audience congregates and advertise where they are. If they attend specific events or expos, consider getting a table or offering sponsorships. Try to get a kiosk in your local mall and start giving some free consultations or summary procedures. If your target audience is found online, then perhaps you will have to invest in digital marketing. Try as many platforms as possible before you find the right one.

Hire Qualified and Registered Professionals

Many people may have the assumption that a dermatology clinic has to be established by a certified dermatologist. But many times, practices are established by entrepreneurs that were able to identify a whole in the market.

If that is the case, vetting and hiring top level professionals can be a challenge. However, before hiring, you should always check average dermatologist salaries on as site like Salaries Hub for a rough estimate of how much it would cost you to hire one for your clinic.

Find a Good Location

Location is also a crucial aspect of starting a successful dermatology clinic. You need to ensure that the location of your clinic is in a place that your potential clients can access it with ease. Further, you should go a step further and offer ample and secure parking for your clients. Accessibility and visibility are key in this area, so make sure that you choose an area that features both. Also make sure that your clinic doesn’t clash with other businesses in the area.

If you plan to deliver quality service and make money in the long run, then we advise you follow the tips above. If you manage to staff your clinic with qualified staff, get your name out there with good promotion, have a prime location and identify a hole in your market, then you should have no problem getting patients through the door.


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