The right location for the right business: a few tips


Despite its numerous rewards, there’s nothing more tedious than being a business owner. Endless forms to fill out, meetings so bland you’ll want to poke your own eyes out, grumpy employees with more problems than skills, and the kind of financial reports that would make your ears bleed.

And all this will feel about as interesting as a lobotomy from a doctor who sounds like Lloyd Grossman. But there’s one saving grace amidst all this banality – an office where you can lean back, chill out and take a break from your stresses. But not many business owners allow themselves (or their employees) such luxury.

Yet without an effective workplace, you’ll be about as productive as a tortoise on tramadol. Morale will be low, stress levels high and staff will leave in droves – so you might want to think about inviting the renovators around.

You won’t have to splash the cash for the finest in commercial properties, either. Shop around and you can find a prime location with a manageable rate.

So what can we recommend when you’re looking to rent a new workplace and design it appropriately?

The right advice

Entering the property hunt blind is about as wise as entering a Wild West shootout armed with a pipe cleaner. The markets rise and fall, inflate and burst alongside the economy. And when you sign a lease agreement, you’re trusting the veracity of the area where you’re setting up shop.

Some sites are dedicated to commercial property information, but there are only a few high-quality sites to visit if you’re seeking advice.

The best tips and in-depth advice is available there, as well as a professional team of consultants to help you through the purchasing process.

You’ll need to ask a number of questions when renting, including:

  • Is the property worth the price?
  • Will it attract the right clients?
  • Are there competitors nearby?
  • Can the landlord be trusted?
  • Is it in an area surrounded by a reasonable talent pool?

That’s only the tip of the iceberg, so find a consultancy firm who can help you answer all these questions.

Fine interiors

The interiors of your office can impact the interiors of you and your employees’ minds. Dull, grey and banal colours will spark zero creativity. Your employees will wilt in a fit of boredom. But too many colours and shapes will be garish and distracting.

While these might seem like trivial matters, the success of your business could depend on them. Just imagine a narky client wandering into your office and heading straight back out again in irritation. If you can’t sort out your workplace, how can you be trusted with a business account?

So you have to be fun but neutral. Evocative but inoffensive. It’s not an easy task to pull off.

Hire a Feng shui expert to assist you with your interior design. They’ll find balance in your workplace like only a professional can. Many are available across the country, so give them a call.



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