The Client Benefits Of Conveyancing Case Management Software



Conveyancing case management software offers a list of benefits to law firms, to the organisations that they work with, but also to the clients that they service. Improved communication, automated updates, and even streamlined business processes all benefit the end client, and this means that they will be more inclined to use your services again in the future, they may be ready to use other services that you offer, and there is a greater chance that they will help market your business through word of mouth and even social media marketing.

Communication is vital to clients, and even a successfully completed conveyancing project can leave a bitter taste in the mouth of clients if they feel that their conveyancer has not adequately updated them or has not kept them in the loop. However, you don’t want to have employees that are spending hours a week communicating with clients, when they could better spend the time completing the work they are effectively being paid for. Conveyancing software offers the best of both worlds – greater communication and reduced man hours to provide that communication.

Your software can automatically generate documents and communication using the information that you have on clients. Document templates can be filled with information from the database, the document created automatically on a specific date or deadline, and even sent automatically to the right person and using the most appropriate form of communication. Clients can receive emails or even SMS text messages, providing an update or asking them to log in to your online case management system so that they can find out exactly the status of their conveyancing project.

Improved business processes are also advantageous to the client, along with having a central location for all data. If a client calls wanting information, or even asking for an update, then it is possible for any member of the team to provide that update, without having to request more information from account managers or solicitors. This not only saves time for the solicitors in your organisation, but it saves time and provides a swifter response to calling clients.

Standardised workflows mean that work gets completed sooner. The conveyancing process cannot be finished in a matter of hours, and there are numerous stages that can take days or weeks to finish, but with standardised workflows and business processes, it means that your business will not hold the process up. What’s more, it is possible to chase an update from Land Registry and local authorities, from estate agents, and from other parties that are involved in the process, utilising automated documents, and therefore offering the best possible service to clients.


A happy client is more likely to be a lifelong client, and if you provide a range of legal services, then it also means that you will have greater opportunity and more chance to be able to cross-sell your other services to clients. Those clients will be more inclined to share their positive experience, to offer your details to friends and family that need similar services, and can even help spread the positive word about your organisation on social media and other websites.

Redbrick Solutions’ conveyancing firm software allows your business to streamline processes, to improve communication, and to offer a host of benefits to your clients. In turn, this can help improve customer retention and ensure greater word of mouth marketing from satisfied clients.


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