The ABCs of B2B: The Top B2B Marketing Strategies of 2019


B2B marketing strategies are vastly different than consumer-based marketing efforts. Businesses that try to follow the same rules as C2B businesses find their strategies lacking and lead generation at a standstill.

In this digital world, it’s important to embrace marketing strategies that fit your business model. The competition is fierce and your competitors invest in B2B strategies and so should you.

We’ve compiled some of the best B2B services available to grow your leads and build your business. It’s time to set up your marketing and bring it into the 21st century. Use these techniques and watch your conversions soar.

Email Is One of the Strongest B2B Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is one of the oldest marketing strategies out there, but it’s still one of the most effective. It not only helps generate leads but also nurtures those leads from the top of the sales funnel all the way to the final sale.

It begins with getting leads through newsletter sign-up on your site, gated content and other methods to get email addresses from potential customers. What’s great about these leads is they’re interested in your products or services and the knowledge you have about them.

That’s the reason they signed up in the first place. So, you know you’re getting qualified leads.

Once you have the email address, you can begin marketing to them via email. If you’re a small business with a small number of emails, then you can use a service such as MailChimp that is relatively inexpensive.

If you have a large list or really want to have a hardcore email marketing game, then you can get a more robust email service with extensive analytics.

The key to email marketing is creating content the potential customer wants to see and moving them along the sales funnel. Content should be informative and not always sale-oriented.

Account-Based Marketing is a Hot Trend

Most common lead generation methods cast a large net to bring in as many people as possible, but only small amounts are good leads. This is why the sales funnel starts very wide and gets smaller.

Account-based marketing turns that concept on its head. If your a business is in a specific niche or you have a high-level product that only fits a small number of businesses, then you go after them specifically.

Instead of casting a wide net, you begin by identifying specific companies that would be interested in your products and market directly to them. You find out the major players in the company and begin subtly winning them over.

This is a far more successful approach for B2B marketers and is currently a hot trend.

Build Up Your Blog to Create Authority

Google organic traffic is still one of the biggest generators of traffic for B2B businesses and that’s not going to change. When a company wants to look up different products and services, Google is the first place they go.

Google wants to show its customers the best search results, so its complex algorithm searches out those websites that have authority and trustworthiness. One of the best ways to build this with Google is through educational and informative blog posts.

A blog is an important piece of B2B content strategy.

The Google bots see these and show you as an authority in your business niche. Building up your blog can also help with search engine optimization by adding specific keywords to the blogs and adding new fresh content.

By answering your potential customer’s questions in blog posts, you build trust with them and show that you’re a company that knows what you’re doing.

Once you’ve built up your blog, you can use that as evidence of your authority when pitching articles to industry magazines and trade publications. These get your brand out there and can be important backlinks.

Is Your Call to Action Effective?

Many companies underestimate the power of a good call to action on lead generation and sales. Businesses that develop a persuasive call to actions get more sales. Don’t simply ask customers to click here, but nurture them along the sales funnel.

Your call to action needs to address their concerns and their pain points and show why your product or service can make the difference. This is incredibly important on landing pages for paid ads.

Every time someone visits that landing page, it costs your company money. If they’re not persuaded to click through and move on through your site, then that money is wasted. A convincing and well-thought call to action can mean the difference between a sale and wasted click.

Cater to Your Audience

We mentioned how account-based marketing can laser focus on a specific consumer for your product. Even if you’re not seeking out something that specific, catering your marketing efforts specifically to you consumer ends with a better return on investment.

Standard marketing may cast a wide net, but thanks to Google, Facebook and other ad platforms ability to target specific audiences that net doesn’t have to be so big.

Spend time to identify exactly who your audience is and why they need your product. Use this in your video, search and other ads to eliminate the number of failed leads and get to the businesses that are ready for your services.

Update Your Existing Content

Blogs are the best way to show authority, but Google’s algorithm changes significantly over the years. Your business niche likely changed as well and the old blogs may not be up to snuff.

Go back and update your old blogs not only for information but also for best SEO practices. If you spammed keywords five years ago, go back and remove them.

Website articles and blogs never go away. If you can update the information, then a blog from five years ago can still bring in leads and sales. Google notices the changes and improves its rank for various keywords.

A small amount of effort can have big results.

Become a Master of B2B Marketing

If your sales are slumping because your B2B marketing strategies aren’t working, then it’s time to change. These are some of the best strategies for business marketing in 2019. Focus on your customer and leads will come.

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