Technical SEO and why you need it


Technical SEO is basically what is required by website owners to ensure that their website is compatible with Search engine guidelines. Not having the right technical compliance can harm your websites ability to rank in the SERPS. Having a technically optimized site can help ensure that your site is set up to be indexed and rank for keyword phrases etc.

Technical SEO in many cases will be down to developers and SEO the responsibility of marketers. It is actually useful to have a clear understanding of both. Technical SEO is really the foundation to having a competitive website that is ready to rank in the search engines.

Technical SEO is best set during the websites construction. This helps avoid trying to solve and fix problems later on especially once your site is up and live.

Having a good technical SEO foundation will not guarantee you instant top rankings in the SERPS, what it will do is set you the base standard for SEO, basically ensuring that your site is ready to receive and deal with search engine traffic. SEO through methods such as link building, on page optimisation, social media marketing and PPC will help drive traffic to your website.

Technical SEO focuses on the architecture of your site to ensure the search engines can regularly crawl, cache and index your pages. It also covers Categorisation where for large ecommerce sites will need products divided in categories and URLS assigned.

Other aspects of technical SEO include

  • Formatting of urls
  • Submission of site maps
  • Application of robots meta tag and using the robots txt file (This gives instructions to search engine crawlers to index or not index your website)


This process involves the selection of a preferred URL when there are several urls available for a particular page. Tags and redirects can be used to stop search engines thinking that the content is duplicated which is no go area for any website.


Redirection can be used to ensure that your users are served the most appropriate content which will include contextualising content based on language, location or device

Site Speed

Another element of technical SEO is getting the site speed of a website optimised

HTML mark-up

This involves HTML being enhanced to ensure specific information is available for bots to crawl your website.

Having a good Technical SEO foundation for your website really helps set you up for success. It’s the building bricks of a website and will help support general SEO Marketing. Ensuring your website has all the technical SEO elements in place will help you comply with SEO best practices and general web standards.






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