Which Tech Businesses Are Poised for Massive Growth in 2018?


The world of tech continues to take over virtually every industry in existence. Whether it is healthcare, entertainment, retail or manufacturing, a variety of technological advancements are fueling increased efficiency and disrupting markets.

This growth is not evenly distributed across economic sectors or even across various tech-related companies: some businesses and tech industries are seeing rapid increases in sales and growth, making them ideal business ideas for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Today, we’ll take a peek at which tech businesses are generating the most buzz and are poised to grow by leaps and bounds over the next year.

Photo and Video Capture

One of the biggest likely winners in 2018 with respect to growth will be businesses that continue to innovate in the field of photo and video capture. Big names that were once virtual nobodies have made names for themselves by providing unique ways to capture special moments, and will continue to benefit in the coming year.

As prodigiousnews.com reported recently, GoPro – one of the best examples of this massive growth in the industry – is on track for a much better year. Companies that continue to put capture devices into the hands of consumers at meaningful price points – and that provide functionality above and beyond their more traditional tech counterparts – stand to gain much as demand for these products skyrockets.

Cryptocurrency Affiliates

For several years, Bitcoin – along with a handful of other, less prominent cryptocurrencies – have generated headlines and publicity for their massive growth. While this broader trend may continue, where the real growth lies in 2018 is in the infrastructure that supports them.

From cryptocurrency trading platforms to social networks built around serving those who trade in cryptocurrencies, 2018 will continue to push a phenomenal amount of attention and growth toward brands affiliated with cryptocurrencies. As more and more governments formally regulate and/or give legitimacy to this form of currency, expect a handful of brands at minimum to massively expand their revenues in the process.

AI Investment

A select handful of investors and companies understand just how quickly the AI industry is moving. As more and more processes incorporate various elements of AI into their day-to-day operations, it is no wonder that artificial intelligence is not only getting better, but also becoming more prevalent.

In 2018, there will be exponential growth in this aspect of the tech industry due to a variety of recent AI advancements that allow for the concept to be implemented in just about everything. This industry – once confined to the halls of science fiction – is now poised to become a massive multi-billion-dollar industry that will touch every conceivable industry in the world.

With so many revolutions occurring in the tech industry overall right now, tracking which segments of the industry are poised for massive growth can be difficult. While market conditions can change, and by no means is this an exhaustive list, the three entities mentioned above are all heading for a great year in terms of both growth and value, making them sound investments from the perspective of both entrepreneurs and everyday investors.


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