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Having fun is something we normally associate with not being in work, but who said work couldn’t be fun? In fact, it is not a case of whether or not work could be fun but that work should be fun. Now, that’s not to say that work should resemble a circus on a sugar rush, but if you want a happy workforce who work well together, then they need to enjoy working together; that’s where Team Building comes in. Of course when you’re busy at work it isn’t always easy to come up with fresh ideas of fun things to do at the office. So how can you keep everyone entertained all year long without your creativity running dry? Well, keep it simple and keep it seasonal.

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Summer is the season of chilled out vibes and sweet freedom. The world is picture perfect with its green trees, blue skies and balmy days which make people look forward to getting out of bed in the morning. Yes indeed, driving to work with the windows down and driving back home bathed in glorious sunshine can even make all the stress of the 9 to 5 in between seem worth it. However, for most summer-lovers, the prospect of sitting inside and staring at the beautiful summer weather they can’t enjoy for at least eight hours is nothing short of torture. Such a feeling of confinement combined with a stressful workload and a fragmented team can have a seriously negative impact on morale and productivity in the office. This is precisely why it is vital you pay attention to your team and encourage key things like communication, motivation and positivity all-round. The best way to achieve this is by focusing on Team Building.

Team Building events come in all shapes and sizes, from big outdoor Team Building adventures to smaller ice breaker activities; they can even come in the form of office-based fun. If you want to brighten up the work day and get the whole office involved in something, then one of the easiest, everyday ways to do it is to team build between nine and five. The activities don’t have to distract or disrupt your colleagues but they will have a positive, morale boosting effect. One of the easiest ways for someone to bring a smile to their team’s faces is offering to make a round of teas and coffees – this even gives them a shared experience whilst they’re busy working away. There are also various other activities the whole office (or even individual teams) can get involved with, and if these activities coincide with popular awareness and celebratory days of the year then they can generate an extra special buzz. Keep reading for some great Team Building ideas for your office to have fun with this summer.

Summer: June – August


  • World Environment Day                                                                                                                                        5th June
  • Make sure the whole office tries extra hard to recycle – why not start as simply as writing on both sides of the paper.
  • Do a lunchtime litter-pick as a team
  • Turn everything off instead of on standby when you leave for the day
  • World Blood Donor Day                                                                                                                       14th June
  • Recruit donors from the office, have a target of how many pints you would like to get from the office then sign up there and then
  • Visit a local donor centre in small groups bearing donated gifts and smiles for the patients
  • World Music Day                                                                                                                                   21st  June
  • Assign each team in the office a different part of the world; they can represent that region for the day (national costume, music, props, etc.)
  • Load up the office playlist with tunes from every part of the world to honour the range of music out there
  • Hold a lunchtime talent shows for any budding musicians or anyone who just fancies a go trying out a didgeridoo or a panpipe – and if they need some extra encouragement you can always make a small donation to charity for every person that gets involved
  • Bike Week                                                                                                               3rd Week of June
  • If you can,  try biking to work all week
  • Nominate a few people to do a sponsored bike ride then get the rest of the office to support them
  • Donate old bikes to schools and hospices


  • International Day of Friendship (UN)                                                                                             30th July
  • Encourage everyone to make contact with someone in another department which will build bridges and bring the whole company closer together
  • Have everyone in your team bring in a funny photo of them and their best friend(s) (current or from childhood)
  • Ask everyone in the team to share a funny story from their childhood where they did something exciting  with their friends


  • Panini Month
  • Challenge your company’s culinary skills and hold a competition for the best/worst/weirdest Panini filling recipe
  • Star Gazing                                                                                                           between 13th – 20th August
  • Hold an after-work stargazing session and try to spot the Perseids meteor shower which is in its peak during this week and can be seen from the Northern Hemisphere
  • Assign each team a constellation and have them  do an interesting 3 minute presentation on it during lunch at the end of the week (winner gets a space-themed prize)
  • International Beer Day                                                                                                    1st Friday of August
  • Assign each team a beer brand/beer-making country, have them research it and present interesting facts about it to the rest of the teams
  • Go for a drink after work
  • Organise a brewery trip (outside of work hours!)

These are some good ideas to start with but you can come up with your own and do as many events as your team is willing to join in with. Make sure you do at least one every month to keep the buzz going and consider treating everyone to a bigger company Team Building event at some point in the year as well – it will give everyone something to get excited about and look forward to together.



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