Strategies for success in the investment management industry


A career in the investment management industry can be hugely rewarding for the right individual, and not just in a financial sense. Roles in this sector offer genuine excitement, opportunities for creativity, responsibility for important decision making, insights into a range of different industries, plus significant scope for personal and professional development.

For these reasons and more, such a role should be a serious consideration not only for people at the start of their career but also for individuals looking for an exciting new challenge in their professional lives.

The investment world today

The current state of the investment world is a source of much debate among economics experts and other political and business commentators. The recent financial crisis has had unprecedented impacts that continue to be felt in the most fundamental ways. The whole industry has had to adapt in order to survive and a completely new culture is evolving to support these changes.

Most experts agree, however, that the worst of the current economic troubles has passed and the industry is now in a recovery stage.

Preparation for success

Perhaps it is not surprising, given what an attractive industry it is, that the competition for roles in the investment management world can be strong. Potential candidates should therefore consider the following:

  • Education. As a starting point, prospective employers will expect to see evidence of a sound educational background. Qualifications such as a good degree ideally in a finance related subject, such as economics, are an essential starting point.
  • Practical skills. Qualifications in themselves are not going to be enough, and a competitive advantage can be had from being able to demonstrate how these theoretical skills have been employed in a practical sense.
  • Attitude. The deciding factors when selecting candidates for a role very often come down to behavioural elements and whether the individual demonstrates the right sort of attitude for the organisation. To that end, it is helpful to get some understanding of the culture of the organisation so that the appropriate attitude can be adopted in an interview.

Perhaps the most important thing that anyone looking to get into the industry can do is learn from people who have already made themselves a success in this area. Industry experts such as Mukesh Valabhji, a successful businessman in the investment world, regularly blog about their past and current activity. In doing so they provide an invaluable insight into their success and how they achieved it.

Hard work and great rewards

As with any industry, it takes a lot of hard work to be successful in the world of investment management, and it is essential that anyone looking to make it in this competitive and evolving arena does not underestimate the challenges that must be faced up to and overcome.

That said, there is no denying that a career in the investment industry has the potential to yield great rewards. From a financial point of view, it can offer significant success in a relatively short period as well as a whole range of other benefits that come from an enjoyable and varied day-to-day role.




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