Steps for Employing the Right People for Your Business


Your employees are the ones who drive your business and keep it working… either efficiently or not so efficiently. Employing the right people for the job is vital to the growth and livelihood of your business. So how do you find the right people? Here are some tips for recruiting the best people for your business.

List the Requirements

What role are you looking to fill? What does this person need to be able to do? What type of person does it take to perform the desired tasks? Is there scope for upward mobility or job shadowing? Ask yourself these questions before the recruitment process begins. Decide what exactly it is you want and stick to it. By narrowing down exactly what is needed, you can more easily sort through those candidates who do not meet your needs.

Prior Experience

What has this candidate done previously? Have they made an important mark in a past role? What types of behaviours exist in their personal life? Consider conducting background security checks, like those offered by GlobalX. A security check can give you an insight into a candidate’s history that they may or may not have been upfront about. This type of check can be especially important if sensitive material is involved in the duties of the job.

Don’t Settle

The right candidate is out there for you. Do not settle on someone who only somewhat checks the boxes you are looking for. With the current job market, highly qualified candidates are scouring for any job they can get, so rest assured many worthwhile people will cross your desk. Hiring someone who is only ‘okay’ might come back to hurt you in the long run. Find the most qualified candidate you are looking for and then give up the search.

Do Not Be Single-Minded

You should not settle, but you should also not have blinders that keep you from seeing a worthwhile candidate. Pre-screen your candidates, but do not be too strict in your opinions prior to meeting them. Someone could be exceptional on paper, though quite different when meeting face to face. A quiet type might have all the qualifications you want, but doesn’t speak up much. You want an employee who will add value to your staff, but who also adds dimension and character.

Listen to the References

The people listed on the resumes were listed for a very specific reason: they will give glowing recommendations. Most of the time a candidate will not list a prior employer if they did not split amicably. That being said, ask about specifics. Ask about certain moments when the candidate showed a specific quality or particularly impressed. Paint a fuller picture of the person using concrete stories instead of superfluous adjectives.

The recruitment process can be painstaking and longwinded. Make the process easier for yourself and the applicant pool by having a strategy in place. Know what you want and convey that to potential applicants. What are your best and worst recruitment experiences?


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