Why Small Businesses Love Java


Small businesses today are always looking for ways to separate themselves from the competition. An increasingly common way of doing this is to develop custom applications. Many businesses now offer smartphone apps which are designed to enhance the customer experience in some way.

If your small business has any coding or programming needs, look no further than Java. This versatile language can handle most business requirements.

A Versatile Language

Java can be used for a wide variety of applications, from producing desktop GUI applications to web apps and server-side coding. Java truly is an all-round, general purpose language. In fact, Java is the language used to code the software on many home appliances such as Blu-Ray players.

Google has officially recommended that developers build apps for their Android mobile platform using Java as the sole language. This presents numerous opportunities for small businesses to develop their own proprietary Java-based apps. You can find out where to get started with Java over at Javabeat.Net.

Useful for Developing Mission-Critical Applications

Java is widely used as the preferred language for mission-critical financial applications. This makes Java the perfect language for businesses that need to deliver custom software applications for their clients. Because Java is such a widely used, and widely known, language, custom software that has been written in Java can usually be supported in-house by the client’s own IT team, with only a little assistance from you.

Fully Object Oriented

Java was designed from the very beginning as an object-oriented language. This, coupled with its class-based approach to programming, makes it a highly customizable language. Generally, developers who are working in Java accomplish their goals by creating objects and then manipulating them.

This object-oriented approach allows developers to produce modular applications which are easy to customize. It also makes it easy to expand the capabilities of Java by adding custom classes and libraries.

Platform Independent

Many programming languages are restricted to certain platforms and devices; this is not the case with Java. Java is a language that can be deployed just about anywhere. In fact, Java is designed to be a platform independent language at the levels of both source and binary.

Java developers can compile their applications into bytecode, which can then be deployed across multiple systems without any hassle. Similarly, bytecode can be used to make an application that is written in Java and run on any chosen device or platform.

Distributed Computing Support

If your business has a number of computers that are connected over a single large network, distributed computing support will be an important consideration. Applications written in Java can utilize the full range of networking capabilities that you need in a distributed computing environment.

This is another feature that is inherently built into Java. Consequently, many of your in-house developers will feel confident using Java to write network-based programs.

Java is an incredibly versatile language, yet it is also incredibly simple to learn. The universal nature of Java, coupled with the accessibility of the language, makes it an excellent choice for small businesses who need to develop their own applications.


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