Simplify Recruitment with Applicant Tracking Software


Attracting top talent to your organization can be a time consuming job. Between crafting job descriptions, screening resumes and setting up interviews, it can take many man hours and company dollars to fill open positions. With efficient applicant tracking software, you can find the right candidate and streamline your recruiting process.


Why Use an Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system makes the recruitment process simpler. With an ATS, you can post your job to aggregate sites on the Web within seconds. Simply create a job description and reach thousands of applicants easily. No longer will you have to post your open job to websites individually. With an applicant tracking system like Zoho Recruit, you can automate the task and focus on more important things.

Applicant Tracking Software for Independent Recruiters and Agencies

If you are an independent recruiter, it can be costly to have to source candidates individually. Sifting through resumes, weeding out the unqualified candidates and calling people for interviews will cost you valuable time. With an automated system, you can easily scan resumes for key words, disqualify candidates and schedule interviews at a glance. You can also communicate easily with your client and keep them updated on your progress.

For small agencies, especially those that specialize in temporary workers, recruiting can be a huge chunk of the company budget. With an automated applicant tracking software, you can let the ATS do the work. Parse resumes from various sources including social media sites, email and internal job boards.

Applicant Tracking Software for Human Resources Departments

Human resources departments often face logistical and monetary challenges when it comes to recruiting new staff. Between assigning staff to devote time solely to filling open positions to setting aside funds for recruitment, it can be a major investment to bring on a new staff member. With automated applicant tracking software, companies can eliminate the need for a dedicated recruitment team. This software makes it easy for companies to create a simplified job description that can be posted to multiple sites at once.

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Applicant tracking software also allows corporate human resources departments to see the status and timeline of a candidate source at a glance. With ATS, you can follow the applicant’s progress for initial contact to hire. Easily schedule interviews, request references and conduct background checks with easy to use online software.

Recruiting and hiring new staff can be a challenge. Simplify the process with applicant tracking software.


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