Simple Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy at Work


When you run a small business or startup which employs other people in paid work, employee satisfaction should be a top priority, right from the very beginning. Keeping your employees satisfied is a crucial part of your business which should never be ignored, as satisfied employees are loyal, productive employees who are more likely going to stick with your company for longer and strive harder to get better results at work. Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that in order to make sure that their employees are satisfied, it’s important to hand out large amounts of cash as bonuses, rewards and incentives. However, this isn’t always the case, and even those businesses who have little to spare in the budget can invest in their employees in a range of non-monetary ways.

Commuting to Work

Commuting to work can be the worst time of the day. This is especially true for any of your employees who might find themselves sat on their own at the wheel in traffic congestion every morning on their way to work. Consider arranging alternative commute options for those employees who want it, for example a carpool option from Ridester which means that they can socialise and save money on the way to work, or discounts for using public transportation, which is becoming a much popular method of getting to the workplace for many employees.

Showing Your Appreciation

It costs nothing to say thank you – and this small gesture can definitely have a huge impact on your business’ levels of employee satisfaction and productivity overall. Nobody likes to come into work every day to carry out tasks for somebody who never notices, thanks or appreciates them for this. Simply making sure that your employees know that you’re grateful for them at the end of the day, for example sending out an email thanking them for the day’s work or even going and speaking to them all in person can make all the difference when it comes to having a workforce that is satisfied, happy and productive.

Give Your Employees a Voice

Even if you don’t have a lot of money available just yet to fund expensive employee investments such as training courses or cash incentives, simply giving your employees a voice can be hugely influential when it comes to helping to improve levels of employee satisfaction in your workforce. Carrying out employee surveys, which you can obtain cheaply or even for free, if you don’t want to make your own, can be a great way to make sure that you listen to the concerns of your individual employees. Gathering opinions and ideas from the people who work for your business day after day can give you some great new perspectives on things and perhaps you will even find some new, fresh ideas that you hadn’t thought of beforehand.

For many startup owners, it’s simply not in the budget yet to spend a lot on keeping employees happy at work. But, improving employee satisfaction is often simpler than you may realise.


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