Simple Tips for Keeping Your Office Space Tidy


Having a busy work day is stressful enough, but your workload can seem even more overwhelming if your desk and office space is untidy. This is especially true if you have a more compact office space, as even a small amount of clutter can make a huge difference to your working environment.

Having an uncluttered space allows for a less chaotic mind, which is hugely beneficial for improving your focus and concentration. If you would like to make the most of the space you have to work in, and are looking for ways to keep your environment more organised, then here are some simple ways you can keep on top of the clutter for good.

Prioritise items

Think about which items you use most commonly on a daily basis, as these are the ones you are going to want to most easily available on your desk, whereas less frequently used items can be stored away. If you have shelves in your office space, then put things like extra paper, pens and other stationary items on the lower shelves, where as spare ink cartridges and other item which are used sparingly can be placed on the higher shelving units.

Think ergonomically

Consider how you use your desk space: are you left handed or right handed? Do you sit in one place a lot or move around? Do you you have any mobility issues that would prevent you from bending down too low or reaching up to high?

These are all important points to consider when organising your desk space, as the more practically you place items, the less likely you are to create chaos trying to find certain objects and appliances.

You may also want to consider putting your computer monitor on a stand: not only is this better for your posture and overall wellbeing, but it will also give you more clean surface space making your desk look and feel less cluttered.

Create an organising system

Try to organise your objects and important files by storing them in well-labelled project jackets, files and folders. The better coded your organisation system is, the easier it will be to find things as and when you need them. You may also want to consider hanging important documents that you regularly need to reference on a board using a spring clip, as this will not only simplify your working day, but also stop you from having to wade through piles of paperwork to find the most valuable documents.

Use an ‘In/Out’ tray

In offices where you rely on fast communication, it is incredibly useful to have your documents organised into piles of paperwork coming in and going out. A handy tip is to use the bottom tiers of the tray for your intake, as this will stop you from allowing paperwork to just pile up on top, reducing the amount of time you can procrastinate and put off handling your correspondence.


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