How to Send Corporate Gifts and Cards


Regardless of whether you’re saying ‘Happy Birthday’ or simply showing your festive spirit during Christmas, giving gifts and cards to your business connections can be tricky. It’s important that this is done appropriately, and in a way that the recipient will appreciate. Some countries deem business gifts inappropriate, not matter the reason, so make sure you do research on the culture before you start buying gifts or wrapping.



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If you’ve done your research and know for sure that it’s ok to give a gift to this business associate of yours, then you can consider one of the following as an appropriate gift:

  • A fruit basket.

  • A box of confectionary.

  • A bouquet of flowers.

  • A scarf or tie.

  • A briefcase.

  • A book.

  • An item produced by your company.

  • A ticket to a show or performance.

  • A well designed E card from the Ecard Shack.

The important thing to remember is that the gift should be creative and relevant to the occasion. You should avoid anything too personal as this could be seen as a bribe, or even embarrass the receiver. Things like expensive perfume/aftershave, and jewellery that isn’t related to the business should be avoided.

Wondering when an appropriate time to give a gift would be? Try one of the following:

  • After a project has been finished successfully.

  • To celebrate a promotion.

  • A wedding.

  • A birthday.

  • After the birth of a child.

  • To show your appreciation for a great job.

  • During the festive season.

You can give gifts in the office in a variety of ways. You may all want to pool your money together to purchase one nice gift, rather than each purchasing something small. If you do choose the collection method, offer a suggested amount and be sensitive, as some people may not be able to give. You should give people the option to give a small amount to the collection as well as give their own gift.

Giving to Employees, From Managers

It is fine for a manager to give an employee a small, appropriate gift if the occasion calls for such a thing. However, it isn’t usually necessary for employees to give gifts to managers and supervisors. If you feel you’d like to give your boss a gift, think small, like a mug, calendar, picture frame, or book.

Saying Thank You

If you happen to receive a corporate gift, then acknowledge this as soon as possible. It’s much nicer to send a handwritten thank you note than an email or text message, so write one out when you get a few minutes. As you open each gift (if you’ve received multiple gifts), jot down who they came from so you don’t miss anybody.

You shouldn’t take company time to write this thank you note, so do it after hours. You should include a brief message with something unique in each one regarding the gift you received.

Above all else, it’s important to remain professional and appropriate when sending and receiving corporate gifts. Don’t forget to do your research first either, to make sure you don’t inadvertently offend the company you’re sending a gift to!


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