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How do you go about staffing your business? Whether you are looking for somebody short-term to fill a temporary slot or you want someone who has larger career aspirations with your company, there is a right and wrong way to go about this. Recruitment agencies can be extremely helpful in this regard, as can some of the other tips presented below.


Choosing between In-House or External Candidates

Before you get started recruiting, the right candidate might be staring you in the face. Promoting an in-house candidate can help you minimise the amount of training resources you need to put in, since the individual already has a good grasp of how you do things at your company. However, you don’t want to force a square peg into a round hole – pushing an in-house candidate into a new job that he or she is not ready for can lead to a lot of inefficiency that affects many different employees. You should also consider the fact that promoting an in-house candidate still means that you have a hole to fill, since you will need somebody to take over for the individual’s old job.

Develop a Thorough Job Outline

Before you even begin the hiring process, you need to make sure you have a comprehensive job outline that details exactly what you need out of a successful candidate. This will be helpful for your own hiring purposes, but it will also make sure that people who apply aren’t caught off-guard when some of the more unexpected duties of the position crop up. You can also use the job outline as a piece of guidance for recruitment agencies so they know exactly what sort of person they should recommend. Consider the job outline as a blueprint for the position – it includes all the expected duties, any relevant perks of the position, and ways that the job might evolve if the person hired is successful.

Use Targeted Advertising

Do your research when you plan your advertising campaign. Talk to the advertisers and check their distribution areas. For example, if you are hiring a person who will be filling in at your Banbury office but find out that the local paper has a very small distribution in that area, you should move on to looking at recruitment agencies in Banbury rather than wasting time and money with an ad that your target audience won’t see. Just because something has been done in one way in the past doesn’t mean you need to continue doing it the same way. Going online or through a recruitment agency can be just as effective as the traditional communication outlets.

Talk to some Recruitment Agencies

A recruitment agency can be extremely helpful when it comes to filling your position and a typical agency will start by looking at temporary employees that have the skills you need. If you think the temp worker is capable of handling the job long-term, you can make that person a full-time employee. These agencies have a large stable of skilled workers who are very excited for any opportunity that comes their way. The agency itself makes its profits by repeatedly providing good fits to employers, and the employee makes money based on the salary you have offered to the agency. Essentially, everybody wins and the opportunity can become something greater down the road.

The more focus and thought you put into filling the open job, the better your chances are of getting the right person for your business. Consider these tips carefully, because they might be essential in making sure that your next job opening gets filled by a candidate who has skills, experience, and much more.


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