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One of the most important parts of coming up with a new business is figuring out what you are going to call that business. It should be a catchy name, something that rolls off the tongue, or is easy to pronounce. After all, you want everyone to remember your business and what you are all about. After you have figured out the perfect name for your business, you need to perform a search to make sure no one else is using it. Once that step is cleared, you are still not really ready to register a company name.

Something you should keep in mind before you go to register a company name is that there are certain words that must be approved prior to a business being able to use it in their name. The words that fall under this category are usually identifying words such as “British” and “government.” The reason these need to be pre-approved is because having those words in the business name can be misleading for customers. They could think that a business is part of the government, when in fact it is not. So always be certain that your business name that you want to get registered is free from any words that can get it rejected.

Another thing to look at before you look at registering a company name is to see if it infringes on anyone else’s trademark. Much like the business name search, you can search all of the trademarks in the U.K. for free as there is a database with all of that information. If you are not certain if your business name infringes on someone else’s trademark, then you can seek out counsel or simply ask someone in the Intellectual Property Office for further assistance. That is really the best way to go if you are in doubt about the trademark issue.

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Once you have completed all of those things, you are ready to register a company name in the U.K. In order to do this, you register with the Companies House, which handles all company name registrations within the U.K. You simply fill out the form, which can be downloaded in the comfort of your own home and printed out, pay the required fee, and then mail your registration form to the appropriate address. It really could not be simpler to complete a business name registration. The hardest part is doing the name search and trademark search. Once those are out of the way, it is smooth sailing from there.

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