How To Reduce The Amount Of Time Your Staff Spend On Basic Tasks


All business owners will know how important it can be to implement processes designed at ensuring their staff members spend as little time as possible on basic tasks. While you obviously need the paperwork to be in order, and some endeavours just can’t be avoided, it’s still wise to constantly reassess your roles to ensure everything is being done in the fastest, most cost efficient ways possible. With that in mind, I thought this morning might be a good time for me to give you some handy information that could help you out in the long run. So, if you’re willing to take a break for a couple of minutes and read through the rest of this post, I’m quietly confident you’ll come away with a fresh perspective, and some great new ideas.



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How do I know so much about all this? Well, having owned my own businesses for the last ten years, I had no choice but to keep updated on all the most recent advancements to ensure my own staff weren’t wasting any time. So, you can be pretty sure that everything I’m about to tell you has been tried and tested many times. Obviously, you still need to apply some common sense though, as not every suggestion I’m going to make will work in every situation.

Go Digital With Everything

While you do want to keep paper copies of invoices and orders ready for when the time comes around to pay some tax, for the most part, you’re safe to keep everything on your computer systems, and back it up in some kind of cloud based service. This will mean your staff can find all the information they need without leaving their seat, and with only seconds of effort. At the very least, this should cut down on working time by around 50%, which allows your team to work on more fruitful endeavours.

Use Order Management Software

Specially designed order management solutions from reputable specialist companies like Circle Commerce are the single best way of guaranteeing your employees don’t have to spend time performing tasks that are uncalled for. This kind of software handles everything from within one simple screen, and so every piece of information you could ever need will be available right in front of you, without the need for anyone to spend hours entering data. These are automated systems, and automation is most definitely your friend at the moment.

Outsource Jobs

If there are some jobs that are very simple, but very labour intensive, it probably won’t make sense to allow staff members who receive a good salary to spend their time doing them. To solve this conundrum, all you have to do is start outsourcing. There are plenty of freelancers around the world who would kill for the opportunity to earn some money, which is why you should advertise the jobs on specialist freelance websites. At the end of the day, if the work comes back unfinished or completed poorly, you don’t have to pay them until it’s put right anyway.

Cheers for reading this post my friends. I’m certain you’re now in the best position to ensure your office / workplace is run in the most efficient way possible.

See you soon!


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