How your personality can help you choose your career


Have you ever wondered what else you could be doing for a career? Is there an aspect of your job you really don’t think is ‘you’? If you really enjoy your job, and are delighted to be there every day, barely notice your pay cheque and just feel great when you’re at work – as though you’re in your very element and nothing is too much of a chore – chances are that you’re in a position that suits your personality. Your personality can help you decide on a career, once you know the basic personality traits most roles in business require. Click here for more information on how your personality can help you choose your career.

What Are Your Strengths?

Do you know what you’re best at? Most people are happiest and comfortable playing to their strengths, and this doesn’t just apply to practical skills. If you’re not comfortable addressing large groups of people for example, or performing for critics, it may not follow that your quick wit and clever comments mean you’re a shoe-in as a stand-up comedian. Perhaps you’ve a great knack for numbers but none for sales; perhaps you’re more suited to collating orders at the backend of an organisation than sitting out the front selling to clients. Whatever your strengths, it pays to know how to showcase them to best advantage in your current role.

What Do You Love?

What do you really enjoy doing? Knowing this about yourself can give you some excellent insights into what sort of career you should be doing. If you really enjoy getting to know people and chatting away, perhaps being stuck in a back room with the latest Google Analytics statistics from the company website isn’t going to do it for you. Putting those stats into a presentation and wowing it up in the boardroom however, might just get you out of bed with a leap and a gallop – it’s all about knowing what motivates you. If you need a lot of feedback and checking in with your colleagues or supervisor, a job with a telecommute may not suit. Love animals? Perhaps a role involved with helping them will keep you passionately engaged; certainly you might want to avoid industries that don’t support your love for all creatures great and small.

How Do You Come Across?

It’s worth asking both personal friends and professional colleagues how you project yourself. You may be surprised at what you learn; you may come across as a people-loving extrovert when in fact work and social functions leave you worn out and exhausted. Some people appear confident in board rooms or sales meetings when in fact they are actually putting themselves through incredible stress just to be there. If none of this shows, it’s a sure sign you’re not listening to yourself and that can lead to all sorts of negative outcomes like depression and stress-related anxiety.

Different personality types are attracted to different careers and different jobs require specific traits from the people who hold those positions. Knowing how you see yourself, and how others see you, is key to knowing your own personality and finding a career option that suits you. If you’re looking for a change you may benefit from researching into ways to create your own wealth. Training organisations like Knowledge to Action help you realise your own financial goals and how to access them. Head to their Twitter account for a quick glimpse to what they are all about.

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