Is now the time to become a contractor?


The UK economy is finally in a good state of recovery, causing many businesses to start tentatively thinking about the growth that could come with it.

Growth is good for everyone as it creates more jobs and more opportunities to earn for the public. For contractors in the UK, this is no different and many will be hoping this will be the time for the freelance worker.


Construction sector

According to the construction sector in particular is booming in the capital, with employers fighting it out to acquire the services of the best contractors. The site states that there are now twice as many buildings contracts open than there were two years ago.

One reason for this could be the increase in demand for housing that has been caused by the government’s popular Help to Buy scheme. With more people looking to move house this year, the need for new housing is only likely to increase, and this is something that the government is eager to encourage.

IT sector

Another area that will be hugely beneficial for contractors is the IT sector. Professionals who possess specific information technology skills are set to be in high demand this year and therefore could be seeking out the services of the best umbrella companies.

In a recent piece of research, recruitment specialists Manpower predicted that IT contractors with skills in cloud security and data governance are to be particularly popular throughout 2014.

What’s more, a skills shortage in the sector will also open up the door for contractors who specialise in IT to progress this year.

This means that not only are more contracts likely to become available, but they could also be lucrative and long term at the same time.

As many companies now start to experiment with software such as big data and businesses intelligence, contractors with the relevant skills could be able to pick and choose the contracts they desire.

More employers will look to temporary staff this year

According to the latest JobsOutlook survey of employers from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), more companies are going to look to take on temporary staff this year.

Almost half (48 per cent) of firms who responded to the survey said that they are going to increase the amount of agency workers they use in 2014, meaning that contractors from different sectors are likely to be in higher demand.

What’s more, 38 per cent said that they will increase the amount of temporary staff over the course of the entire year, giving contractors further reason for optimism.

REC director of policy Tom Hadley said: “Our data shows business confidence is continuing to build and the jobs market recovery will gain further momentum over coming months. The challenge ahead will be to ensure that the demand for staff and specific skills can be met.”



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