New Marketing Strategies For 2021


Marketing is a vital aspect of a running a good business. Without good marketing, the business will fail to grow or attract a larger audience and customer base, which could negatively affect profit margins and revenue.

The way businesses market themselves has changed and evolved drastically over the last few years, transitioning from print marketing and television advertising to a digital form, through SEO, social media, and emails. Businesses have to continually develop their marketing strategy to stay up to date and to find the best ways to attract customers to their business. Here’s a look at some of the cutting-edge marketing strategies that companies should start preparing for as we head into the new year.


Neuromarketing may sound a little like science fiction, but it’s a new marketing strategy that uses knowledge on how the brain works to influence their marketing plan. It’s a technical form of marketing that attempts to measure the physiological and neural signals within a person’s brain to gain insight into a customer’s motivations, preferences and decisions. This information can be used to influence and inform a business’s advertising and product development to make it as engaging as possible.

To learn more about this exciting form of marketing that can take your business to the next level in 2021, check out the following article, Neuromarketing: What It Is and How to Apply It.

Podcast Marketing

Podcasting is a comparatively new form of media, however, has grown quickly in popularity despite its short lifetime at this point. A podcast is essentially a radio show that people can download and listen to on-demand, and there are a variety of topics and subjects that people can talk about.

Creating a business podcast can be a good way to increase your audience reach in 2021 as it creates a new avenue for customers to engage with your brand and your content. Alternatively, you could also develop audio adverts to play during other podcasts within your business’s niche to get customers in that way.

The main component of launching a successful podcast as a business is to cover topics that are interesting to your audience. You need to ensure that you provide the listener with something, be that entertainment or information. You should not just be using the podcast to shill your business during the entire broadcast.

Audio Marketing

Voice search devices and software, such as the Amazon Echo and Siri, are set to become even more integrated into normal life over the next year and beyond, meaning that more and more people will be conducting audio queries to find out information.

To take advantage of this, you want to ensure that your business’s marketing is optimized for this form of search. This means that you should target long-form, conversational keywords so that your articles and content is presented. It would help if you also looked to answer questions in your content to increase their chances of being the results presented. Optimizing for audio marketing can be just what your business needs to evolve into the next level.



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