Making Your Mark as a Small Business


Setting up a business can feel daunting, and with so many out there, you may worry about getting lost in a sea of independents. Here are a couple of tips to help you stand out and maximise your business’s impact:

Social Media

Having a presence on some form of social media is vitally important in the internet era. With so many different platforms, it can feel overwhelming. Do your research and decide which platforms will work best with what you’re providing. Instagram works great for shops as you can link your site, and customers can even buy through the app. What’s more, if you have an eye for photography, uploading steadily to Instagram will help promote your business and aesthetic globally. Other platforms include Twitter, Tik Tok, YouTube and Facebook, all of which have specially designed elements for business and advertising to help you make the most of their platforms.

Website Design

Having an eye-catching, informative and easy to use website is also incredibly important for a small business. Using a company that specialises in small business websites will allow yours to reach its full potential. Linking your socials to your website, and vice versa, will increase traffic both ways, as will advertising and boosted posts. Keeping a sense of coherence across your online presence will allow consumers to recognise your brand. Making it clear what services you offer, and including examples of your work and contact information, can also boost a website as customers can see what you offer and feel as though they can make contact with you easily and quickly.

Go Green

The environment is a huge concern for many people, and there has been a large move towards seeking out and supporting sustainable smaller businesses. Think about how you can make your business as eco-friendly as possible. Can you use recycled packaging or local suppliers? If you have to travel, can you cycle instead of drive? Making the environment a priority will benefit your business and the climate, and may encourage others to do the same. Reducing waste, recycling, using or selling reusable items and promoting eco-consciousness are all small steps that any business can take.

Support Local

Working with other local businesses can benefit you hugely. It may seem contradictory, as some may technically be your competition, but more often than not, every community has its own tight knit group of independent businesses that work together to promote and support each other. Look at local newsletters and message boards to see if there is anything like this near you. There are often local craft fairs that collate services from small businesses throughout the year, or social media accounts that feature a different company each week. Another way to get involved locally is to use local suppliers. Do you sell jewellery or clothing? If so, check your local area to see if you can source any materials or items there, rather than ordering them in bulk online. Not only can this lead to more connection and collaborations, but it is better for the planet and the local economy.


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