Look Up! The Benefits of Basing Your Small Business in the Cloud


Admittedly, there’s a lot of risk involved when deciding to take the plunge and finally open your dream business. You’ll need to find trustworthy vendors, capable employees, and seek out an affordable office space to house the bulk of your business.

Thankfully, we live in an age where technology can alleviate some of the traditional pressures of opening a start-up. Small-business owners would do well to consider the pros of leaning on a cloud-based platform before pouring money and resources into renting an office space that turns out to be too ample or is, ultimately, insufficient. In fact, once you have your company up and running, the cloud could eliminate the need for physical office space altogether.

If you’re thinking of going online-only, it’s critical to find a strong, reliable internet service… the best available, actually. A limitless broadband connection will be your most valuable asset. Many providers run business broadband deals that can be a lot less expensive than you might realize. Prices have become increasingly competitive as of late, with 4G services becoming more and more widespread.

Try to choose a broadband company that places an emphasis on taking care of internet outages, should any occur. A cloud-based business could grind to a halt in the event of a connection loss, so pick a provider who prioritizes fast recovery times.

Having this service in place will allow you almost endless flexibility in your business, which will ultimately add up to big savings. Even if most of your staff works from home, it’s a good idea to have a small brick-and-mortar headquarters, especially when you’re just starting out (face to face is still best when getting to know your staff and train them!). The rise of broadband in more rural areas means you can base your business in a smaller town, closer to home and away from inflated big-city rent prices.

Once you’ve got everything off the ground—so to speak!—all your info will be there in the cloud. You can house your calendars, email correspondence, financial and legal documents, and client contact information all in virtual files that will never run the risk of being misplaced or, in the worst-case scenario, lost in a fire or a flood. You can access it all at any time, from home or at the office. Once you have staff set up to work remotely, you can conduct virtual meetings and conference calls all online— your broadband provider will almost always include VoiP services.

Though of course each small-business owner has to examine his or her needs and weigh the pros and cons of going digital when it comes to their particular endeavour, a cloud-based system is without a doubt a major money-saver. It comes with little risk, little cost and demands little hardware: no more investing in a fleet of chunky desktops. If you’re thinking of diving into the world of business ownership, do some research, check the services available in your area and seriously consider looking to the cloud.


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