Link building tips for new businesses


Link building continues to be an important part of SEO. Traditional link builders look for links from sites with high domain. Local websites with links from sites with low DA can be just as important. The following list provides some great link building tips to help get you started.

Local Meetups is a great tool for making connections. Search for groups related to your business and then look to connect with other groups. This can be a great way to offer your business site for meetings in exchange for connections and link opportunities

Creating a local Resource Page

A great way to share local resources with the community and other businesses. If you create a really good information page, other sites will want to link to you. For our blog, our resource page offers useful links to other great sources of information on the web related to starting a business.

Local Directories

A standard link building tactic, a local directory can be a great source for acquiring a link. You should be hitting your local directories for citations anyway, but they’re also a great source for local links. Most cities have local directories so do a search in Google to find the directories in your area and get your business listed.

Local Blogs

Links from blogs can be a great way to earn a link. Find a good quality blog related to your niche and pitch a content idea. Could be as simple as advice on how to write a business plan or anything related to your niche. Most bloggers will then allow a link placement in the article linking back to your site. Make sure that your article follows the blog guidelines. You can search online for blogs related to your niche simply by search google. Choose keyword searches write for us, guest post opportunities etc.

Create a master resource page

If you search online, you will find 1000’s of guides on the same topic offering information. This could be about starting a business, how to do SEO, how to set up a google analytics account. Think what information you are able to offer relevant to your niche and create a guide. Now look at all the other guides and resources available online and take the best information along with your own knowledge to then create the ultimate guide. Creating great content is a great way to attract valuable links to your website. Obviously once you have created your guide, you will want to promote. Social media channels and blogs can be a great of getting your content out to a wider audience.




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