Kitting Out Your Home Office on A Budget


When you first start your new business, you want to plunge as much of the capital you have in to things that will help make you profitable, such as marketing, and spend as little as you can on overheads.

However, you do need a good work space where you can be productive and have access to all the hardware and other things you need to work effectively.

This can cause a bit of a conundrum for many small business owners when starting out. They don’t want to spend money on things that aren’t going to give them any tangible return on investment, but they do need a good office set-up.

Here are some tips for getting your home office kitted out without spending too much:

Buy Second-Hand Office Furniture

You will be spending a lot of time working in your home office so for your own comfort, and to prevent issues caused by bad posture and uncomfortable equipment, it is important to have a good adjustable office chair on wheels and a good desk. You may also want things like a foot rest or a riser for your laptop or monitor so you can work in the best position for your health.

Buying these things new can be pretty expensive, even if you go for budget brands like IKEA, however you can often find these items second-hand for a fraction of the price.

Try checking out local second-hand stores, join Facebook groups with people selling items locally, and check out Craigslist for people in your area with office furniture to sell. You can use to search Craigslist listings more easily, too.

Consider Free Software

Software can be another essential for running your business, and licenses for things like Microsoft Office can be very expensive.

However, there are free, open source alternatives such as Libre Office, or you can simply use Google’s free online office suite if you don’t need any particularly fancy features and just want to be able to create documents and simple spreadsheets.

You can also keep software costs down by using Linux as your operating system instead of Windows. Linux itself is free and there are countless free apps and utilities available for it that can make setting up your computer for business far less of an overhead.

Do You Really Need That Hardware?

Another way you can save money in setting up your home office is to consider what hardware you actually need, rather than what you think you ought to have.

A key thing here is printers and photocopiers. While you can buy a good multifunction printer that will also work as a scanner and photocopier, how necessary is printed copy for your business? Many businesses can get by being paperless these days, so perhaps you don’t need to shell out for this hardware at all.

By buying second-hand, thinking about whether you really need all the things you are planning to buy, and looking at free alternatives to expensive software, you can set up your office for far less and have more to spend on furthering your business!


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