How To Keep A Close Eye On Your Employees Without Making Them Feel Victimised


Regardless of what type of company you run or how you make a living, keeping a close eye on all your team members is vital during the early stages to ensure they meet targets and perform as you expect. While some bosses spend their day leaning over shoulders and complaining, it’s usually much better to be a little creative. For that reason, today we’ve published this short article in the hope of giving you some tips and information that could make the process much easier. We’re living in an age of abundant technology, so it makes sense to use all the tools available to you, some of which we’re going to highlight in a moment. At the end of the day, you need to customise and tailor this advice to your current processes to ensure the suggestions integrate well.


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Why do we know so much about this? Well, after running numerous businesses over the years, it became apparent that trusting our employees to do the right thing doesn’t always work. That said, making them feel victimised by constantly getting on their backs can hinder the desired effect, and so we had to get innovative. Does that sound interesting? Then check out the points made below…

Install monitoring software on your computer system

There’s lots of good software available at the moment that allows administrative users on computer systems the ability to watch over other users. Some will let you pull up their screen at any time, so you know exactly what they’re doing. This obviously helps if you’re suspicious about the amount of time your staff are spending on social media websites. Also, you can get software that records every site visited even after the history has been deleted, and this is sure to serve you well.

Place tracking devices on company vehicles

If you’re concerned that one or two of your drivers are spending too long out on deliveries, you could purchase and install business vehicle tracking systems that allow you to find out exactly what they’re doing. It might be they’re taking a longer route than required, or maybe they’re stopping off for too many breaks. Either way, these devices will alert you to the problem and help you come up with a suitable solution. It’s important that you don’t fly off the handle straight away, as you might find the driver in question is just a little too cautious and slow. If that’s the case, all you have to do is highlight the issue and ask them to sort it out.

Implement regular assessments

Most workplaces call their employees into the office individually from time to time to discuss their progress. This is standard procedure these days, so you don’t have to worry about making them feel bad. We guarantee they’ll all have been through this numerous times before, and they’ll know how to deal with the situation. Doing this will allow you a quiet few moments to discuss any concerns or issues you may have, and to ask the employees concerned for their own opinions on their role, and how the business is being run. Remember, feedback is key!


So guys, now you know how to keep a close eye on your employees without appearing overpowering, we hope you’ll manage to increase productivity and get things sorted for the future.


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