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Marketing fashion garments or sofas is relatively easy: you can pay for Google AdWords, promote your products online, and talk about what you offer on social media. If you sell e-cigs, adult DVDs or other restricted goods, your marketing opportunities are more limited. So what are your options?

There is no reason why you should discount the idea of selling restricted products. This is a highly lucrative market and ecig marketing in particular has been massively successful, despite the restrictions placed on the industry by online advertising channels such as Google and Facebook.

Be Creative

To be successful, however, you are going to have to get a little more creative when planning your marketing campaigns. Make sure you understand the constraints of your niche before you begin formulating a marketing strategy. For the avoidance of doubt, you will not be allowed to advertise on any of the search engines. Social media advertising is also a big no-no. Websites you do advertise on must have an age confirmation page before viewers are allowed to see your ads. Any ads you create can’t be retargeted or advertised to children. In other words, mass advertising channels are firmly out of bounds. So what can you try?

Content Marketing

Content marketing is perfectly OK, no matter what type of restricted products you sell. You may find that some websites refuse to accept content with backlinks pointing to a site selling restricted products, so be careful where you pitch your content. Make sure any content is well-written and relevant to the host site, as this makes acceptance more likely.

Website Influencers

Reach out to influential websites and people with a high online profile to see if they will promote your products. In the case of e-cigs, for example, many celebrities use them, so it is worth asking one or two if they would be willing to mention your products on their Twitter or Facebook page. As long as this is done in a natural way, it should be OK.

Social Media Marketing

You can’t place ads on social media, but you can promote your products on websites such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. As long as you don’t break the content guidelines, you are allowed to talk about your products and chat to customers online. Just be sure to read the site’s guidelines very carefully, as once you breach their posting guidelines, retribution will be swift.


Search engine optimisation is critical. Unless you pay a lot of attention to effective SEO techniques, online customers will struggle to find your website. Concentrate on building an attractive website with great content. Use the right keywords and update your website content regularly. All this matters a great deal, so don’t ignore the fundamental principles of SEO.

Lastly, remember that word of mouth advertising is critical when marketing restricted products and services. Always encourage existing customers to tell their friends about your products. Offer them discounts in return for honest reviews and product feedback on review sites and social media.


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