The Increasing Role of the Point of Sale Display


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As a business owner and entrepreneur, you may be very familiar with point of sale displays though you may not have even used the term when utilizing them. Placed close to the checkout area of the store (hence the name “point of sale”), we’re talking about the displays frequently found in retail locations that act to cull additional sales from shoppers.

These types of displays are often used to sell a variety of complimentary (or much needed) goods, such as:

·  Batteries

·  Over-the-counter medicine

·  Drinks (including energy shots)

·  Gum and other candies

·  Gift cards and other prepaid cards

The use of these POS displays is often tailored to the business to increase its chances of conversions (think of the need for batteries as you’re checking out with products purchased at a toy store).

There are many different types of displays, too, including:

·  Counter displays – These sit atop the counter and are generally placed next to the cashier.

·  Floor displays – Larger standing displays that fit well with mid-sized items (like DVDs).

·  Pallet displays – Much like big bins (you can see this often used for fruits at a grocery store).

·  Retail signage and signs display – Branded displays that act like billboards.

·  End cap displays – Those that hang on the end of the aisle.

·  Brochure holders – Generally used at event locations or within businesses offering services.

·  Club store displays – Bigger, bulkier versions of others made for membership clubs.

·  Display bins & stackers – Big, branded displays you may find within the aisles.

The types are growing with each year as manufacturers seek different ways to catch the attention of shoppers.

The Role of the POS Displays

point of sale display benefits both the business and the supplier.

For the business:

·  POS displays are often created, stocked, and maintained by the supplier which allows them to easily introduce new products to their customers without the additional work required to setup the selection.

·  A POS display may often be used to promote new and hot products which can be used as door busters and other promotional events (like during the holidays) to drive more people to the store.

For the supplier:

·  Leverage and build marketplace acceptance by associating the brand with the retail store.

·  The ability to quickly introduce (and test) products in a market without making a major commitment as compared to contracting a regular supply for the store shelves.

The two, business and supplier, working hand in hand can often turn items promoted through a point-of-sale display into a major earner.

One such recent example is the 5 Hour Energy shot, which found its place mixed with many other competitors but due to their placement by the register and a strong marketing campaign has managed to dominate much of the energy shot market.

Advancements to the Form

The POS display industry is seeing a very exciting time due to technological advancements that will surely increase their ability to help suppliers and retailers sell additional products.

These recent additions have been:

·  Build in video displays – Actual video displays which can show off a product or have interactivity to help inform the consumer.

·  Motion sensors – Sensors which detect motion near the display which it can then deliver a sales or marketing pitch (this may also be tailored depending on the store and the display’s location).

·  Social media elements – QR codes and other gadgetry can allow passerby’s to interact and share information about the product (such as “checking in” to one of the displays to receive a discount or liking the brand on Facebook via mobile app).

In all, through the traditional means and the new advancements, we will see the POS display become commonplace in our ever expanding marketplace. Its ability for suppliers to quickly get products to the market (while rewarding businesses with new inventory), coupled with social and interactive media, will give consumers an excellent introduction to new and exciting products.



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