How to Improve Your Restaurant Kitchen


Do you feel as if your restaurant kitchen could use a few improvements? If so, this post can help you. Simply tick the following points off as you go to run the most efficient restaurant kitchen possible:



Find the Right Chef

If you don’t currently have the perfect chef, then you either need to rethink your staff or train up your current chef. Your chef should be able to, not only cook food, but think of original recipes, source the best ingredients and motivate their staff effectively. Try Chef Help for a great chef agency in London.

Focus on Cleanliness

Take a look around – is the kitchen clean? If not, you need to focus on cleanliness, pronto. Heaven forbid that this should affect somebody’s food…your reputation would be in tatters. Cleanliness should be a top priority.

Serve Quality, Fresh, Well Presented Food

People eat with their eyes before their mouths, so well presented food is essential. The food you serve should also be high quality, and as fresh as you can possibly get it.

Improve Management

Do you consider yourself to be a good manager? If you aren’t managing your kitchen staff effectively and keeping them happy, then things could go downhill in the kitchen.

Properly Season Food

If your food isn’t being properly seasoned before it’s cooked, your staff might not be making the most out of your ingredients and really showcasing the dishes. Sea salt should be their best friend, as it helps to bring out all of the delicious flavour!

Keep Things Sharp

Knives should always be kept sharp in the kitchen to produce the best cuts and best looking dishes. Keep them sharp by treating them with care, and only ever use a plastic/wooden chopping board to avoid dulling the knives.

Use the Highest Quality Ingredients

The highest quality ingredients you can possibly muster should be the only food making an appearance in your kitchen. The reason similar dishes can taste much better or worse than others is often down to the ingredients used – no magic ingredient or secret!

Model the Right Kind of Behaviour

What do you want your kitchen staff to act like? Model the behaviour yourself, and they’ll follow your lead. If you come into work scowling and barking orders, they aren’t going to be very happy. Unhappy staff equals substandard food! Smile, be polite, and work hard as a team and your staff and customers will benefit.

Have Fun

Although everyone must work hard, there’s nothing wrong with having a bit of fun at work. This makes work a much nicer place to be, and your staff won’t be so glum when they have to attend a meeting or do something for work on a day off. You can also reward your staff for hard work and arrange team building activities!

You’ll instantly reap the benefits if you put the above points into practice, guaranteed. Have you found a great way to improve your restaurant kitchen? Leave us a message!

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