How to Improve Your Logistics Startup


If you run a small logistics business, you’ll know the importance of convenience to your clients. Failing to send email confirmations, slow delivery times, or, even worse, lost parcels reflect poorly on the reputation of your business. Here’s three areas you could improve.

Communicate with the Customer

Communication is key in the digital age. A confirmation email is an instant reminder that there were no issues with the order process, giving the customer peace of mind. Similarly, a shipping confirmation let’s a customer know when they can expect the package to arrive. Try to be as clear as possible with your customers. They’ll appreciate it if you could let them know what time they should expect a package or, at the very least, a reasonable delivery window. Offer them options such as text notification as well as the ability to choose a safe place, such as a neighbour or secure part of their home, where a package could be left. If a signature is required and no-one was available, send another email letting them choose a different date or if they can pick up the parcel at their local depot. Follow up with them to make sure the item was received and that the customer is satisfied with the purchase and delivery.

Check the Customer’s Addresses

Unfortunately, many customers fail to double-check their own address details. Online shopping is so prevalent now that many don’t put a second thought into the fact that a simple typo could drastically slow down the speed of a delivery, or even cause it to get lost. Even if the mistake was not on the behalf of you or your employees, this won’t be something that’s mentioned in any negative feedback you receive. Fortunately, reducing these problems to a minimum is so easy that there’s no excuse for your business not to check yourself. Run your mailing list through address validation software. This checks a database to see if the details match up as well as formatting the address properly.

Improve Your Warehouse Equipment

Many slow delivery speeds are the fault of what’s happening in the warehouse. Inefficient equipment limits the amount of orders your employees are able to process. If you want to improve in this area, you should be looking to replace your current equipment or invest in new, more diverse tools. You can find a variety of different equipment, such as pallet trucks, forklift attachments, and mobile workshop cranes, from, all of which include a 12-month on-site parts and labour warranty.

In the age of social media, customer feedback travels fast so recurring problems will quickly become known amongst your potential user base. Remember that this kind of word of mouth works both ways, though, and could be a major proponent of your business.



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