The Importance of Having a Well Set Up Website for Your Business


Today, anyone who is anyone is connected to the internet. They’re connected at home, at school, at work and even in traffic.

Vacations aren’t complete without a laptop or smartphone able to connect with Wi-Fi or 4G for high speed downloads, instant messaging, Skype and surfing the web.

This all sounds like we’re talking about down time but your business needs this same flexibility. And it still starts with your WWW.

If you’re not on the web with a great website that delivers information but also keeps people coming back, you are behind the times and killing your bottom line.

Make a Website Work
You can’t simply stick a web page up and expect anyone to respect it. Placeholders that simply have your name, address, phone number and an email address may get a half a glance at best. Your website not only has to represent your company, but it has to give people a real reason to spend time there. Granted, your business may not lend itself to creating a Facebook-like presence where people will devote an hour a day there, but you can definitely have a website that creates a real impression of subject authority with prospective customers.

What You Need for a Great Website
Great websites don’t just happen, they’re created. Every aspect of your website is under your control, or at least your approval. That goes for the colors, the graphics, company information, the design and what content you have. Breaking down your website into sections will enable you to create, or have created, a website that works well for you.

Here are the basic parts to a great website:

Stable, consistent hosting –Your website is only as good as your host. Whether you host the site on your own web server or use another hosting company, you want to ensure the site is up 99.9 percent of the time and that you have the tools to easily upload and maintain your site. If you choose to host your own site, you are going to need internet. It is recommended for any business, big or small, that you choose a company that offers a business internet service. They will help you choose the right set up. Trying to choose a personal or home internet package is going to cause you problems in the future.

Solid design – A well designed website that is easy to navigate where everything on it can be found with just a couple of clicks is a big first step many companies get tripped up on. Instead of simplicity they bury a visitor in too much dirt. Easy to navigate websites encourage visitors to explore the site. Having a well coded website ensures it won’t “break” when someone clicks on a button or link. If you’re creating your own website, using great software tools like Adobe InDesign CC helps your site runs solidly and gives you easy to use tools to post to your site and keep it updated.

Great graphics – Whether you’re using photographs, clip art (try not to but it has its place) or custom designed graphics, having them all look great and work together as a gestalt, or as a whole, will keep eyeballs on your pages. Adobe Photoshop CC Or Illustrator (or even Microsoft Paint for all the basics) are awesome tools to work with graphics and digital photography.

Content, content, content – People need a reason to be on your site. Not just once, but time after time and having great content gives them a reason to keep showing up. Incorporating a content manager such as Joomla or incorporating a blog such as WordPress gives you the tools you need to keep adding great “stuff” on a consistent basis to keep people coming back.

Think about the websites you use the most and ask yourself why you keep going to those sites.

Also, take a look at the sites you’ve visited for a specific reason, such as when you’ve needed to buy something or needed help with something. The ones you remember for their positive aspects are the sites you’ll want to emulate. With the great web design tools, graphics resources, content methods and powerful hosts available today, your website can be the great website you envision.


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