How to Select a Structured Cabling Contractor for Your Business


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If you have a small or mid-sized business with significant computing requirements and are either expanding your space or moving to a new location you probably have some major network infrastructure issues to deal with. This will surely be the case if you run any sort of data center, or a web business that manages its own server network. But even a basic commercial office could find itself in need of an upgrade to a structured cabling system. As necessary as this is, it’s an awfully big expense to swallow. A proper communication network that supports your existing computer systems is absolutely crucial in today’s techno-centric business world, and skimping on the installation will always come back to bite you in the end. So it’s crucial that you find the right partner. Here are some tips for how to select a structured cabling contractor for your business.

First of all, make sure that whatever company you are considering has been around for some time. Track record is crucial in a structured cabling job, because you are purchasing a product that is expected to be around for a long time. Cabling is only about five percent of the setup cost for your network, but if you have a huge server facility that can still be a large line item in your budget. While most networking gear you’ll employ is only designed to last you five years at the absolute most before it becomes obsolete, structured cabling could remain in place for as long as two decades. The contractor should be comfortable working with this timeline in mind, and be willing to remain your long term partner in the work.

It goes without saying that you have to find a contractor who is properly certified to handle a structured cabling job. This isn’t something a company can do without a lot of experience. Look for a contractor that holds the BICSI certification, so that you can rest assured they will install structured cabling that meets industry standards. In addition, the contractor must have the proper insurance. These are tricky installation jobs, and there is some amount of physical risk. Make sure they are covered, so you won’t have to worry about liability issues during the installation or when using the cabling system.

Customer reviews are important in every industry, and structured cabling is no different. It may not be something as common as a restaurant review, but you should certainly be able to find and speak to previous customers about their experience. If a contractor is unwilling to share references you should probably look elsewhere. As long as you find a handful of satisfied customers you should be in good shape. Just try to speak to some customers that the contractor worked with several years ago as well, so you can uncover the truth of their ongoing customer service capacity.

Speaking of customer service, make sure you ask about their support efforts. Even a quality structured cabling system will run into issues, whether they are the fault of the installation team or not. You can’t afford to have your system down for very long, so get in writing exactly how long you will have to wait for repairs. Along those same lines, look for a contractor with a deep customer base. Financial stability is crucial, so you’ll know that whatever maintenance program they sell you will still be around several years down the road.

Finally, look for a company that knows how to create a system that will grow with you. That’s something that Express Data data network cabling is truly known for. You might eventually expand to additional locations, or add on several more units that will need consistent service. Most companies that require structured cabling will grow as much as 30% during their lifetime, and the contractor you work with should be able to handle these expansions.



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