How To Run A More Productive Office


The more productive you and your employees are at work, the more you’re going to achieve and the more successful you’ll be. Be glad to know there are practical ways for how you can run a more productive office so that you can surpass your competitors and meet your goals at a quicker rate.

When you focus in on a few of the most critical areas, you’ll be cutting out what’s no longer working for you and able to perfect what is helping to move your company forward in the right direction. As the business owner, it’ll take you both being willing to implement changes at your office and having the patience to understand that, in time, your hard work will pay off.

Set A Zero Tolerance Policy

You can run a more productive office by setting a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol while at work. Find details here about the different types of alcohol testing you can purchase and conduct at your workplace to help you make sure people are taking you seriously. If employees are coming to the office to work after having had a few drinks or are drunk, it’ll be a difficult and distracting environment for all to work in and you won’t get as much done.

Require Agendas for Meetings

It’s very frustrating to attend a meeting that’s chaotic and doesn’t have a valid purpose. This is why it’s a wise idea to require that all meetings held in your office have agendas. Taking this step will help to make sure those hosting the meeting have thought through the details about why it’s essential that everyone gathers for a discussion instead of trying to wing it. It’ll help to decrease the chances of you all wasting your time and meeting for no good reason.

Hold Regular Performance Reviews

The only way to truly know how your employees are performing is to hold regular reviews to evaluate their work. You’ll be able to run a more productive office when you take the time to sit down and talk through what’s going well for each employee as well as touch on areas for improvement. Without tracking this information and data, you’ll be assuming and guessing at how each person is performing, and you risk not accomplishing the goals you set out to achieve for the year. Also use this time as a chance for your staff members to provide you with feedback about what they think management could be doing to run a more productive office.

Upgrade the Environment

The office environment itself has an impact on whether or not you and your employees are productive on any given day. It’s in your best interest to invest in making certain upgrades that will improve your chances of being able to get more done. For example:

  • Choose a productive paint color
  • Create an efficient layout
  • Include a break room where people can go to relax
  • Enhance the lighting options
  • Provide individual laptops and necessary equipment
  • Take advantage of technology

Encourage Open & Honest Communication

Ongoing, open and honest communication is essential if you wish to have a more productive office. The more everyone talks to each other and collaborates, the better off you’ll be because there will be fewer mistakes and less miscommunication. Take the initiative to set an excellent example by hosting company-wide informational meetings, sending out regular email updates and speaking with individuals one-on-one if there’s an urgent matter that arises and is relevant to them. Another great idea is to have an open door policy so that employees can come to you with any questions or concerns.

Train Your Employees

You’ll find that your office is a lot more productive on a whole when you take the time to train your employees. If people don’t understand their job duties or what they’re doing, then they’ll likely sit there each day playing online and become quickly disinterested in their positions and the company. Make the extra effort to offer structured and informal training opportunities, so each person feels comfortable performing their job responsibilities each day. Also, provide documentation and manuals your employees can refer to throughout the year if they have questions about completing a specific task or assignment.

Maintain A Positive Attitude

Run a more productive office by maintaining a positive attitude in the workplace. This optimism will rub off on others, and there will be less negativity floating around your environment. The happier and more satisfied your workers are, the more motivated they’ll be to perform well. Hire not only talented people but individuals who are pleasant to be around and are team players. If your staff members are disgruntled and everyone’s always in bad moods, then you run the risk of people not caring about their work and your business ultimately failing.

Delegate Tasks Appropriately

Your office will be that much more productive when you’re good about delegating out tasks appropriately. Make sure that each person is assigned work projects that are appropriate to their level and also challenges them a bit. Document what needs to get done and when and hire a project manager to confirm you’re all keeping on track so you can all be more productive. When assignments slip through the cracks, then you’ll fall behind schedule and will find it difficult to catch back up and follow your business plan accordingly.

Take Advantage of Online Tools

Technology has come a long way over the years, and it can definitely help you to run a more productive office. There are plenty of online tools you can use that will allow you to better communicate with each other and track projects and schedules. You can also choose to work using the cloud so that files can be easily shared and updated without you having to be together in person. You can also offer the perk of letting your employees work from home so they can have more work-life balance without you having to sacrifice company productivity.


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