How to provide great customer service


Knowing how to provide great customer service can be essential to growing your business and keeping your customers loyalty. We have have all received good and bad customer service at some time. As a business, delivering great customer service will ensure that your customers come back and will also help you beat your competition. The following guide provides essential steps on how to provide great customer service.

1.    Be available to your customers

Customer service should always be at hand for any complaints or questions. There should be several methods available for customers to contact you such as phone, social media or email. These communication channels should also be easy to manage which will ensure that your level of customer service remains at a high. Nothing is going to lose you business faster than poor customer service. This is not just about responding to complaints but how quickly you do so and how easy it is for a customer to complain and receive a response.

2.    Respond to customers in a timely manner

Good customer service should see customers responded to in a timely manner. A best practice customer service policy should be to respond to customers within 24 hours. Whatever timeframe you set, you should ensure that customers are clearly aware of your customer service policy and the timeframe for responding to complaints.

3.    Listen to your customers

Always listen to the views of your customers. Customer feedback can be vital to improving products and services. Don’t be too quick to defend yourself and always take negative feedback as a positive.

4. Know what’s going on in your industry

It is important to know what is going on within your industry. Keep abreast of customer trends, innovations, product development and generally what is happening within your industry. This helps you keep ahead of your competitors whilst showing your customers that you are the market leader.

5. Stay Competitive

Stay competitive with your pricing and keep track of what your competitors are charging. Customers will always pay that little extra for quality especially if your product is unique.

6.    Treat Customers with respect

Always treat your customers with respect even when they are rude. Even the most difficult customer will appreciate you showing them care and respect. You never know what else is going on around them and lowering yourself to their standards will only make them more irate.

7.    Keep communication channels flowing

Just because a customer has complained does not mean that they won’t shop with you anymore. Things go wrong from time to time. Happy customers are likely to be much more loyal when there is bad news. Keep communication channels open and continue to build those lasting customer relationships.

8.    Stay true to your promises

If you have made a commitment to a customer then ensure that you follow it through. For example if you have said that you will respond in 24 hours then make sure you do. There is nothing that is going to irritate a customer more than not responding to a complaint or not following through on a promise.

9. Make quality a priority

Quality control is essential for any business. A strong quality control system will ensure that any product flaws are dealt with before they reach your customer. Remember the quality of your products will be critical to your business reputation.

10. Train your staff on great customer care

When your staff are well trained to provide great customer service, your staff will feel empowered to make decisions and deliver great customer service. Your customer service principals should be well documented and reflect the ethos of your business.


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