How to Get More Work Done on Your Daily Commute


Most people today are constantly searching for ways to better use the small bits of time they have available to get their work done. While there are only 24 hours in a day, you can probably make better use of some of these hours to get more work done. This is something that’s suggested in the four-hour work week, not that any of us can achieve this but we can try.

This doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your personal life in order to get more work done, or work at an extreme pace during the day, but it does mean you can use your daily commute to work when you have nothing else to do. Since most Brits drive at least 20 minutes to their job, there’s a lot of time available for you to use productively. Although you don’t want to work while you’re driving, if you can find a way to maximise your time spent travelling, you can add an extra three hours to your work week. Here are a few ways you can maximise your daily commute.

Schedule Phone Time

It takes a great deal of time to catch up on communication each day. Meetings have a tendency of stifling productivity, so the best way to prevent this from happening is by using a hands-free phone to host meetings while you’re en route to your office. If you typically have a meeting right at the beginning or end of the day, by hosting the meeting while you’re driving you could theoretically drop the meeting altogether.

Listen to Voicemail

Another great use of your phone while commuting is catching up on your voicemails. Make use of wholesale iPhone cases to protect your phone from drops and falls and if you break your case you can simply replace it with a new one. Otherwise, this is the perfect way to check any voice mails you didn’t have time to listen to earlier in the day. You could even return some of these phone calls too. Doing so effectively means you’ll have more flexibility to work on the most pressing tasks when you’re in your office.

Plan Your Day

Use your morning commute to plan out your day. To do this you’ll need to check your emails before leaving home in the morning. This way you’ll know what tasks lie ahead so you can then figure out the best ways to accomplish those tasks throughout the day. Most phones have an app you can use to make voice memos so you can record the plan you come up with and then refer to it once you’re at work. On your way home you can take note of any issue you haven’t tackled so you’re ready to face them head on tomorrow.

Not all of these methods will work for you, but certainly some of these things are worth trying. As long as you’re safe while executing one or two of these things properly, you could save yourself several hours each week.


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