How to get more out of your business trips


In the corporate world, business trips have long been essential, to forge new connections, learn about industry developments and open up opportunities. As well as anticipating the meeting or event once you arrive, however, you can also get a lot out of the time and energy spent while away from your normal working routine.

Read on to find out more about how to maximize your productivity during your next business trip.

Plan ahead of time

Travel of any kind can be time-consuming and stressful, but by making sure that you have planned every aspect of a trip in advance, you can pave the way for an enjoyable and productive time away. Streamline your transport by booking all tickets in advance and arranging parking services with a website such as, and check that all relevant information is up to date. Using online or digital options for tickets, boarding passes and other important documentation can also make it easier to keep everything organized.

Stick to your daily routine

If you’re away from home, it can be easy to slip out of your daily routine, particularly when staying in an impersonal environment such as a hotel. By maintaining your regular daily pattern, from the time you wake up, fitness activities and the kind of food you eat, to maintaining a similar working schedule as far as possible, you can reduce stress, boost your creativity, and make your business trip far more enjoyable. This is especially important if you work out regularly.

Allow time to unwind

When you’re heading on a highly anticipated and important business trip, it can be tempting to put in as much time and energy as possible into preparing and planning for it. However, allowing space in your calendar for downtime won’t take away the opportunity to work harder – it will actually help you use your energy more effectively. Keeping time and space for rest on a business trip is often underrated, but can have a dramatic impact. Whether it’s making sure that you get an early night for a good night’s sleep, or leave time in your day to do something relaxing and enjoyable, time to unwind can be a great investment.

Go beyond the hotel

Staying in a comfortable business hotel might provide for all of your needs during your business trip, but it can leave you lacking in creativity. If you’re in a new city or country, try to go beyond the confines of the sophisticated hotel and explore further. Not only will this refresh your mind with the change of scenery, but it can also give you unexpected insights into the environment, the people you may be meeting, and a more personal connection with your clients and colleagues.

Business trips have changed immensely this past year, but still hold an important place in the corporate world. When planned out well, they can be a promising and exciting time for business leaders and teams, opening up unexplored possibilities to grow your business further.


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