How to Finance Travelling


Who hasn’t wanted to travel the world at some point in their lives? However, for most, this remains a pipe dream due to a combination of financial restraints and work or family commitments.

Is this really true for you though? Or could it be that you are simply making excuses to avoid actually committing to your dream trip.

What if you could find ways to finance travelling without having to sell your home and all your worldly possessions to do so?

Then would you bite the bullet and book it?

Start by setting a budget

You may have big plans to travel throughout the whole of Africa or maybe you just want to explore Europe, but whatever your ambitions, it is vital that you do your research and set a realistic budget for your trip.

This may involve cutting back on extravagances or at the very least choosing which luxuries you really want to experience and which you can do without, but it’s a small price to pay for finally booking the trip of a lifetime.

A good tip is to try and balance out places that you know are more expensive with cheaper destinations but which are just as interesting.

Make cutbacks

You may not think that this will make a huge difference but, in the run up to your trip, try cutting back on life’s little luxuries; that expensive latte you buy every morning, that gym membership that you rarely use, not to mention the amount you probably spend on socialising.

Think about what is better – another night down the same pub with the same people or the chance to go trekking in the Amazon rainforest?

Other areas in which you can cut back in include your satellite package, your food bill and even your accommodation. It’s really not that difficult once you get the hang of it.

Look into more cost effective transportation

Flights, transfers, taxis and even public transport can all add up, and then there are those unplanned transport expenses that pop up when you are travelling in an unknown area.

A great way to avoid these costs is to invest in a motorhome; all your travel requirements sorted with one purchase.

Imagine yourself now on the open road, going wherever the mood takes you, parking up and sleeping under the stars. Not to mention the opportunity for some amazing Instagram pictures!

Although this option can be daunting for those who have little or no experience with motorhomes, simply read this motorhome buying guide for some invaluable advice from seasoned motorhome owners.

Work as you travel

Not as depressing an option as you may think; there are lots of creative and interesting ways that you can fund your travelling as you go.

You could consider teaching English as a foreign language – this is also a great way to integrate yourself with the locals and learn first-hand about their culture.

Or, if you love to share your experiences and have a decent social media following, then blogging or Instagramming your journey could be for you.

Creative types could turn their hand to freelance writing and editing, or you could freelance in your current occupation if possible.


Although you won’t get paid for a volunteering role, many organisations do pay for your accommodation and food which can be a big help if you are running low on cash.

Volunteering is also the perfect way to explore and experience a country, with the added benefit of you being able to go home knowing that you have made a difference to the country you visited. These types of memories will last a lifetime.

What are you waiting for? Get saving and planning your next big adventure today!


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