How to Change Your Bad Work Habits


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could accomplish more during your work day? All of us have some bad habits, but it’s important to recognize what’s holding you back and look for solutions that will help you be more productive.


We’ve put together some simple steps that can help you be more productive at work and avoid falling into those bad habits that may be slowing you down.


Recognize Your Good and Bad Habits

It really helps to pay attention to both the good and bad things you do on a daily basis. Why are you so effective in some areas, but weak in others? Keep track of your activities and look for more efficient uses of your time. Perhaps you are putting off the bigger projects because you are easily distracted by the quick and easy day-to-day activities. Prioritize your “to do” list and keep your focus on what’s most important.


Take Small Steps to Make Your Day Easier

Pack your lunch the night before rather than going out to lunch. Shorten your coffee and/or smoking breaks. A couple puffs of an e cig is quicker, healthier and just as calming as smoking an entire cigarette. Turn your cell phone off so you are not distracted by personal calls or texts during work hours. Look for any opportunities to be more efficient and focus your time on the things that will allow you to be more productive.


Don’t Overdo It

We all know change can’t and won’t happen overnight. The more you try to completely change all your habits at once, the more likely you are to fail and revert back to those time-wasting activities. Take baby steps and implement one or two new good habits each week. By changing your routines over time, things are more likely to stick and become regular productive activities.


Mix Up Your Routine

Sometimes, one way to be more productive is to not get stuck in a routine. Good habits can slowly turn bad the more you follow a predictable routine. Try driving a different route to work in the morning. Eat something a little different for breakfast or lunch. Shake things up in little ways to keep your mind sharp and have a fresh perspective on each day. This will prevent you from getting stuck in a rut and developing more bad habits.


Set Goals and Reward Yourself

As you introduce more positive habits into your work routine, be sure and acknowledge your goals and find fun, small ways to reward yourself with a treat. Rather than starting your day browsing your social media pages and making posts, make that a rewarding 15-minute break after you’ve completed the most important task on your project list. You’ll be able to enjoy it more and not feel as guilty about procrastinating on what you should have been working on in the first place.


Anticipate When Problems May Arise

The best way to be productive is often to be proactive. Rather than waiting for problems to arise and projects to pile up, prioritize your days and look for ways to attack issues before they come up. This way, you can avoid major distractions during your day and be ready with solutions if something does happen that takes you away from your regular workload.


Observe Others or Ask for Advice

If you work in an environment with other people you perceive to be productive, try and learn by watching them or asking them questions. Look for the best traits in others and try to adopt some of their good habits into your own approach.


Technology is Your Friend

Technology shouldn’t be a distraction during your work day. Use it to your advantage to streamline your approach and be more efficient in what you do. Most bad habits are a result of not being willing to change, so think outside the box and utilize technological resources to make your days less stressful and more productive.


Allow Time for Positive Change

You won’t change all your habits immediately and you will encounter some hurdles along the way. The key is to not lose patience and remember why you are making these changes. Over time, your attitude will help you gain better work habits and get the most out of your days.


It’s All Up to You

Ultimately, change is all in your own hands. If you choose to create better work habits and are committed to the process, you will find yourself more productive and feeling better about yourself at the end of the day.






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